Mechanical Love

An analysis of Mechanical Love Facts: * Original title: Mechanical Love * Director: Phie Ambo * Publishing year: 2007 * Running length: 79 minutes * Category: Documentary * Appearance: Hiroshi Ishiguro & Takanori Shibata Director: * Phie Ambo (Anne-Sophie Ambo Nielsen) was born in December 1st 1973. She is a Danish director and was educated at The National Film School of Denmark. Her ability is well-known in the world, and she has received a lot of prizes and awards all over the world.

Appearance: Hiroshi Ishiguro is one of the leading scientists within robot-technology. He has created the world’s first human android with a lot of success. Takanori Shibata is the creator of Paro, the robot seal. Analysis: The film illustrates the fundamental ethic challenges between human beings and human androids. Hiroshi Ishiguro is one of Japans leading robot creators. He has built a copy of himself, a human android.

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His intention to build the robot was to replace him and his duties. He wanted the robot to replace him as a teacher, as a father and as a husband.Through the documentary we’ll see how his family and especially his daughter react when he introduces them/her to the human android.

Another place in Japan, the engineer Professor Takanori Shibata has developed the robot called Paro. It is a robot which is shaped as a baby seal. The baby seal has been very common in the social sector in Western Europe. We use the robot as a substitute for pets or human beings to amuse demented people. Paro is very popular and will become one of Japan’s largest export commodities. Maybe the robots are started to take over for us.It is cheaper and easier to use robots in the different professions. Who knows what will happen if it continues.

Maybe we’re going to lose our jobs? Can robots make people feel love? The documentary takes us to a German nursing home where the demented inhabitant woman, Ms. Korner lives. She gets a specimen of the robot. A lot of different tests show us that Paro’s reassuring influence can improve the brain activity of demented people just like Ms. Korner. But how do we handle our needs for love and care? Is it possible for a human to love a robot, and what about the robot? Can we be loved by the robot?



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