Medical School: A Destination for a Lifetime Dedication

I have always believed that life should be given importance.

The things that we do in our lives would help shape us into who we want to be in the future. At  a young age, I was already exposed to the realities of life. I have experienced losing loved ones at such an early age. These experiences made me more determined than ever to take Medicine.At an early age, I have learned to view life in the most realistic way. Some of my close friends were inflicted with the Sickle Cell disease.

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I bore witness to the pain my friends had to endure at such a young age. There were times when I wanted to help them out, but could not do so. I was also afraid that I lacked the knowledge for such complicated disease. Soon after, one of my friends died of the said disease. I was heartbroken but I felt that I should rise up and use this painful experience to move forward and fulfill my goal of becoming a doctor.My drive to pursue medicine became more evident when my father started to suffer from different illnesses. I wanted to give back to my father the hard work and dedication he shared in order to support his family. Although he was suffering from high blood pressure and   severe headaches, my father was never discouraged from giving his best.

Instead, he used these to work harder and give his best. My father’s condition may also be one of the reasons as to why I want to pursue Medicine. I want to give back to my father the hard work and dedication he has given us, by monitoring his condition and taking care of him.

Unfortunately, I experienced some challenges along my journey towards the fulfillment of this goal. I was sixteen years old, and a fresh high school graduate, when my family decided to migrate from Haiti to the United States. From being affluent with the French language, I had to learn and adjust to the English language, which was my second language. I was hesitant at first, for I believed that I would have difficulty in communicating with others, which might result to misunderstandings among peers. I was embracing a new culture and I wanted to make sure that I was doing the right thing so as not to step on anyone.The transition from high school to college was something that struck me the most. From being used to the supervision given to high school students, I had to learn how to be independent and be disciplined.

I attended  a community college, for this school did not require SAT scores. Although I was an international student, I was placed in the college math class, for my impressive scores in the subject. Unfortunately, I was designated to a lower English class because of my scores, although these have passed the required grade for ESL.

My hard work paid of, for the following year, I obtained a scholarship from a private university, where I was classified in the college level of their English course.I enrolled to a Film and Literature class the following year. The course required its students to read articles and watch movies. However, my English was not as proficient as required, giving me a hard time with the subject.

This prompted me to never turn papers on time but this difficulty did not hinder me from striving hard. I still maintained a B average all throughout the semester, but my finals became the determining factor. I submitted my final paper a day late, only to find out that the professor went on vacation. My paper was never considered, which made me receive a D in the said course.

The grade caused a great hole in my transcript, which I knew would affect me tremendously.Due to financial problems, I had to leave NAME OF SCHOOL and transfer to NAME OF CURRENT SCHOOL. To make up for the unimpressive grade I received earlier, I requested to be included in a reading enhancement class. Unfortunately, one of the requirements for the students was to attend the laboratory for six hours each week. This was in conflict with my work and study hours. I was determined to learn and improve my craft more, so I decided to search for alternative ways of helping myself. I bought materials, such as books that I could read for personal interest. This method helped improve my skills, making me increase my English level.

Unfortunately, I still received a low grade for I did not meet the required hours necessary for the students. This however, left another dent in my transcript.Regardless of all the trials that I have experienced in my academic life, I am still determined to pursue medicine. I believe that the profession would offer an exceptional and rewarding opportunity to its professionals.

At an early age, my parents have inculcated in me the importance of being of service to people, especially those in need. I want to make a great impact in society for the little things that I do in order to help others. There is no greater achievement than relieving the pain endured by a loved one.From all that were mentioned, I believe that having a medical career would give me the professional satisfaction that I am hungry for.

As a black woman, I have experienced numerous heartaches endured from society and my personal life. The opportunity that your school will provide me with, will come to my advantage. Furthermore, I would have the sense of fulfillment of being able to mentor young individuals about my profession and other important details.In addition to this, having a medical career would help alleviate the financial crisis my family is suffering from.

I may be able to support my parents financially, and try to give them the best days of their remaining days here on earth. Moreover, the salary that I would receive from the profession would help me send my other siblings to school. I may be able to help them start a life of their own, in order to have a better future.My dreams and aspirations do not end after graduation. I plan to hone myself more and learn about the developments, especially in the field of medicine. I want to prove to the world that each of us, regardless of what we did earlier in our lives, have the chance to rise up and shine above the rest.

I know that this school is the right destination for my lifetime dedication.

Author: Blake Henderson


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