Mexican Culture

The word culture comes from the Latin “cultura” that means cultivation or improvement. It is the way that a person can improve through education, and ideals from other people. Nowadays, culture defines a group of people with the same interest and traditions. Mexican and college culture have many characteristics but the three more significant characteristics between the two cultures are values, beliefs, and important objects.I was born and spent 24 years living in Mexico so I can say that Mexico has many traditions and ideals in its culture and the three are consider very significant in this culture like values, beliefs, and important objects.

One of the most important values in the Mexican culture is the family. Family values play an important role in the Mexican culture that allow members of every family live close and take care of each other almost until that member dies.For example, in my family my grandmother that is 95 years old her daughters that live in the same city they take turns every week to take care of their mom so she will not be alone at any time. Beliefs in Mexican culture are very powerful especially for Catholics. One symbol that is very significant in the Mexican culture is the Virgin Mary or “Virgen de Guadalupe” as she is known in Mexico.For example, every December 12 is consider the Virgin Mary’s birthday in Mexico, and followers take long walks to the Basilica in Mexico City and when they are close to the place they get inside the Basilica walking on their knees and a lot of them get really hurt by that. In Mexican culture people appreciate what it is made in Mexico. Mexicans feel proud when they see objects such as plates, zarapes, or popular beers that are marked with the label “Hecho en Mexico” or Made in Mexico because they think that their nation contributes to the world.

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A vivid example of this is that some Mexican people tattooed the same logo that appears in the products made in Mexico. After I interviewed some people related with college culture and being myself a student I realized that the values, beliefs, and significant objects are a strong part of a college culture. Values in college culture are important to every student and faculty of any university. Every school has different values and it depends on the location, students’ background and the faculty. According to Mr.

Arellano (personal interview, February 3 2013), a formal student and worker from Northern Virginia Community College, affirms, “The values that represent my college culture are honesty, respect, and integrity. I believe those values will create a stronger community. ” Values in the college culture are important to the members of this community because these values such as respect and integrity focus the students to the same goal that is success in their college career. Another characteristic on college culture are beliefs.In an interview with Miss Sierra (personal interview, February 3, 2013) from VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) states, “Friendship, trust, cheer always for a good time is the motto of my VCS family. ” Beliefs are an essential part for these college culture in VCU because it is from the student get their energy to continue. For example, Miss Sierra said also that the culture in VCU is like a family and if there are no the same beliefs between the students then it would not work as family for this community.

Another important characteristic in the college culture is important objects. According to Miss Gryska (personal interview, February 3, 2013), a formal student from Virginia International University, says, “I think that smartphones and tablets are the objects of the most value for this community. I cannot see somebody without it. ” Technological instruments such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones are necessary for every college culture.For example, the three people interviewed related with college mentioned that electronics are the most important objects in their college culture because they are needed to interact between them through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, and much more. Similarities and differences between Mexican culture and college culture on values, beliefs, and important objects. For example, in both cultures values are related with family and it is what makes values similar between the two cultures.

A student that I interviewed told me that the same values that a family rules such as integrity, honesty, and respect can be found in a family as well for Mexican culture the most important value is the family. Beliefs is a characteristic in which the two cultures are different. In Mexican culture the beliefs are more spiritual such as pray to the Virgin Maria for a miracle or necessity while in college culture its beliefs are focus on the community itself and the students related to the success of their career. Another characteristic that is different between the two cultures is important objects.

For Mexican culture the objects has a sentimental value, for example, Mexicans feel proud of the product while college culture is more a necessity to interact between the college community through social networks. With the increase of technology and social networks like Facebook with more than one billion users and English as universal language. Do you think that at one point in the future is possible that just one culture will rule the world? Works Cited Arellano, Alex. Personal interview.

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