Millennials Rising

I reviewed the first article “Millennials Rising” and it was very interesting because of its perspective of the millennial generation making uproar in the twenty-first century.

As I am a part of this generation, their ideal of us being lazy and ungrateful was a bit inaccurate because we strive for success in all we do. For example, we have the school uniform movement undergoing across the nation. Why is this happening? We, the Millennial, want a sense of community amongst our fellow peers. We are striving for a better economy by our dedication to education, success, and fulfillment in our lives. The previous Generation- X played its part during their time, but we have taken it to a whole new level. The Millennial are interested in developing a strong-minded community where education is the key to success; this endeavor will be a long one, but I think we can do it. The article pin-pointed various reasons of why this generation will flourish during the twenty-first century:  advanced technology, higher education, and more confidence.

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These ingredients distinguish us from the previous Generation-X because we prefer in-depth analysis of what the future may bring. We plan ahead to earn respect and rewards for our hard work.Generation-X is enduring the same inaccurate description in the second article, “Generation X” as they are referred to as “slackers”. This generation made subtle changes as they progressed in their careers before the Millennial started impacting the world. Generation-X made their mark with their participation in individualism, but the Millennial are more focused on group-oriented accomplishments that result in bigger rewards. The older generation matriculated across the spectrum by developing the ‘self-expression’ motto, but they have grown out of their radicalism to become outstanding professionals. On the other hand, the Millennials are opening doors to advanced opportunities and diligent goals at an accelerated speed.

We may have an extra drive to conquer every subject in the coming years, but we are still a young generation in tune with the world’s expansion. With more growth, the world will experience wonders as the Millennials’ contribution to the socio-economical developments in each nation. What more can we ask for? Each generation is and is making some remarkable milestones for future generations to make changes. With this, we should appreciate the distinctive characteristics presented by their contributions to each century.



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