The Ministers Black Veil

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Research Paper Rough Draft Nathaniel Hawthorne was an intelligent man, which who also and a nervous breakdown. He won a lot of awards, but “he became increasingly dissatisfied, as if his dark insights in the human heart cast gloom into his own. ” (Daniels 296) He became into a human that would give his heart to the devil. He wouldn’t talk to anyone and would just walk the village minding his own business.

Hawthorne consumed many stories and poems for example, “In 1837, Hawthorne emerged to publish a collection of stories, twice-told tales. ” (296) After his dark stage disappeared, he then started to make more stories.He thought that if his gloomy stage was gone, then he could produce way more stories than usual. In Hawthorne’s stories, he uses setting, which is, “The time and location where the action takes place. (1200) Hawthorne uses setting in mostly all of his stories. He lets the reader know where the story is taking place as well as the location.

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All this leads up to the conclusion of the theme. The theme that one cannot judge another by the physical features they obtain in, “The Minister’s Black Veil,” is shown through the Puritan time period, the small village of Milford, and the Milford Meeting House.De La GarzaPg.

2 Berner The theme that one cannot judge another by the physical features they obtain is shown through the Puritan time period by the Milford villager’s self-point of view towards the black veil. “Spruce bachelors looked sidelong at the pretty maidens, and fancied that the Sabbath Sunshine made them prettier than on week days. ” They are getting ready for the church activities and to pray with the preacher.

The young and old, men and women all gather and celebrate the greatest tradition in the Puritan’s takes. “Sabbath Sunshine. ” They all have the same conclusion on why Mr.Hooper has the black veil. “The opening paragraph of the story presents the town of Milford on a typical Sunday morning as the community gathers for worship. ” (Pennel 42) The theme that one cannot judge another by the physical features they obtain is shown through the village of Milford by the Puritan’s emotion state of awe by the black veil.

“At the close of the services, the people hurried out with indecorous confusion, eager to communicate their pent-up amazement, and conscious of lighter spirits the moment they lost sight of the black veil. ” Everyone doesn’t know what to say because Mr.Hooper’s black veil caught them off guard. De La GarzaPg. 3 Berner They don’t know if they should run and scream, or take what Mr. Hooper is giving them and learning from it.

“The old people of the village cam stooping along while the children, with bright faces, walked with their parents in there Sunday clothes. ” They have no idea of Mr. Hooper’s veil and come running to the meeting house for worship. The village is in amazement when Mr. Hooper has the veil and they all are full of shock. “The church functions as a center of activity, and the entire community id drawn together, young and old, men and women. Pennel 42) The theme that one cannot judge another by the physical features they obtain is shown through the Milford Meeting House by the villager’s opinion towards Mr. Hooper’s black veil.

“How strange, said a lady, that a simple black veil, such as any woman might wear on her bonnet, should become such a terrible things on Mr. Hooper’s face! ” The girl is wondering why Mr. Hooper has the veil that covers the face. “I don’t like it,” muttered an old woman, as she hobbled into the meeting house. “He has changed himself into something awful, only by hiding his face. Everyone notices the veil and are leaving bad comments on it.

They De La GarzaPg. 4 Berner can’t understand why he is changing and wants this situation to be vanished. “The lack of explanation, the lack of a story that provides a casual relationship between a specific aspect of Hooper’s life and the veil, further enhances the veil’s power to set Hooper apart from the rest.

” (Pennel 42) People should never be the one to judge others just by their appearance and physical features they maintain because there is always more to a person than that, including their inside character.If someone experiences change in their life, the best thing you do is accept it and deal with it the best way you can. Hawthorne is an amazing writer and we can learn from his life and writing by going through the same struggles he did to feel what he felt in his generation. Being made fun of is a real life burden that many kids face these days, and sometimes it goes way too far into where it could get dangerous.

Our society needs to step up and do something about it and if you can change one person, you can change the world.


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