Missing Movement

In the Military there are various consequences for our actions. Regardless of the size of the infraction, you will be repremanded in order to better prepare you.

One of the most important actions is meeting timelines. If missed the consequences can potentially be severe. Consequences can range from extra pt, to an article 15, and dock in pay. There are many reasons for this. If your not on time, your not as prepared as you could be.

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This is essential when striving to be mission ready. Its implemented on a daily basis in order to prepare you for this.Most overlook the importance of being on time. Its often overlooked because they do not feel its going to affect anyone but themselves.

They are sadly mistaken. Being late becomes a habit. On a daily basis it can put their squad or even platoon behind on training.

Being mission ready is key, and being late can cause you to fail to learn all key points. Also if your late it can cause a delay in going home. One of the most important things to a soldier is his family which boost his moral.Not being able to spend time outside of work relaxing can bring on extra stress. It goes against trying to be resilient.

In our overseas duty station moral is very important in keeping soldiers mission ready. When your late to training the stakes arent as high as if you were down range. If it were to happen while deployed it could cause the soldiers squad to be injured, or even cost them their life. Being prepared is the most important thing a soldier could be down range.

Going into a situation blind is the most dangerous.This could cause minor mistakes that could come back on you later. Such as giving away your position. Therefore making your squad a target, and possibly leading to a failed mission. Failing a mission can potentially set back your whole platoon. Minor mistakes have a ripple effect that many don’t think about until later. Also not being prepared can lead to anxiety within and cause it for others.

Anxiety is normal though the extra stress of not being able to control another can be overwhelming. Especially when responsible for others and the stakes are high.Again anxiety can lower morale and can keep soldiers from being mission ready. Being repremanded for being late is another way of your superiors striving to improve in all areas. Though a soldier may get upset about having to be counseled, or doing extra PT it helps them learn.

Usually one doesn’t receive an article 15 or dock of pay unless its become a habit. At that point it would be necessary for the soldiers punishment to reflect what hes done. In hopes that the soldier has learned and will not repeat this wrong doings while down range.Missing movement is defined as the abandonment of a “duty” or post without permission from one’s Government or superior.

Missing movement dates all the way back to the Civil War. In the United States, before the Civil War, deserters from the Army were flogged, while after 1861 tattoos or branding were also adopted. The maximum U. S. penalty for desertion in wartime remains death, although this punishment was last applied in 1945. No US serviceman has received more than 18 months imprisonment for desertion or missing movement during the Iraq war.

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