Mission Statement

The Juvenile Court System is committed to guarantee that the community members will be living safely in their respective areas (Juvenile Justice, 2005, 294). It is also dedicated to give the offender a lesson to eventually transform him or her into a better individual (Juvenile Justice, 2005, 294).All individuals have the right to live and to live safely, thus, all offenders of the juvenile court system should be given a certain punishment that will send him or her a message that will clearly show him or her that such an act committed is wrong and destructive to the society as well as himself or herself (Juvenile Justice, 2005, 292 – 329).The Juvenile Court System’s purpose therefore is to keep the whole place from harm and danger; that its philosophy is to keep the harmony in the community by training an offender become a better person instead of giving him or her punishment that will make him or her rebel more and that will make him or her keep on with deviant behavior; that its goal is to maintain a high quality life for the society and especially the offender (Juvenile Justice, 2005, 292 – 329).Furthermore, the Juvenile Court System should attend to the roots of whatever caused the offender to commit such a deviant act (Juvenile Justice, 2005, 292 – 329).

Instead of thinking about how to harshly punish the offender for his equally cruel/deviant action, it is better to subject the offender to a certain kind of therapy by looking into what motivated him to engage in such an unwanted behavior (Juvenile Justice, 2005, 292 – 329).If the aforementioned will be carried out, then the offender’s negative acts will eventually stop (Juvenile Justice, 2005, 292 – 329). If all offenders covered by the Juvenile Court System will be attended to in that manner then the whole nation will ultimately experience having a safe place to live in (Juvenile Justice, 2005, 292 – 329).

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