The Modern U.S Society

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Last updated: February 8, 2019

The vanguard of democracy rose to power due to certain events where it played a major role.

Vested with a large territory, natural resources, and considerable influence in the international community the United States play a major role in global affairs. The role which the United States takes in both domestic and foreign transaction molded how the society perceives themselves and the outside world. The events which transpired within the American history shaped the behaviors of the United States as a country and as people.Perhaps one of the most important events which drastically changed modern U.S. society today would be the birth of the Civil Rights Movements.

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These movements aimed at pursuing for the equal rights of women and colored people living in the United States. The most prominent of these movements was the movement led by renowned civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. during late 1950s to the earl 1960s. His leadership pushed for the progress of the civil rights act and thus laid the foundation of continuing what the movement started.

Discrimination against the colored people somehow had lessened its cruelty because of the civil rights movement. The acceptance of the Americans in providing fairer and equal opportunities to colored people defined created the image of democracy which America is known today. The works of the civil rights movement defined what American citizenship is which is more all-encompassing than before (Skrentny, 2002, p. 4).Another major event would be the tragedy of the World Trade Center. The whole American nation was struck by fear on the unknown and unexpected attack done by suicide bombers. The perception of the American society with regards to security changed and these anxieties reflected as a response to the attack as a threat to the American democracy.

The administration during the time of the attack launched a war to the alleged culprits to protect national security. The fear of the people because of the attack became a basis for launching a war where the protection of the American security is equated with upholding the welfare of democracy.


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