Money Is Successful?

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Last updated: January 31, 2019

In our contemporary world money is very often considered to be the symbol of success.

It occurs because of that many of our achievements can have monetary effects. Take for example accomplishments at work that are often followed by the rise in salary. But I believe that money cannot always be the adequate determinant of a person’s success. First of all, I think that money can determine success only in a professional sphere, but not success of the whole life.For instance, a person can do some theoretical research and the fact that he has not received a lot of money for this research does not mean that he was not successful in his findings. Likewise the family life is successful when there is mutual understanding and love. If there are no such feelings among the members of the family, I consider the area of life of these people not successful despite the fact there can be a large amount of money on their family account. Consequently, a person’s life has a lot of different aspects and every aspect should have its own criteria.

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Moreover, I think that money has certain limits even in determining professional success. If a person is working, for example, for a non-business organization the amount of money which he earns is not the proper determinant of his achievements. The salary may not become higher as he moves up the career ladder and becomes a better specialist, because of the limit of financing available for these organizations.

Also there are a lot of other professional spheres where salaries are not high.For instance, teachers in Russia are paid really peanuts for their work, but the majority of them are of high qualifications. Therefore I believe that the amount of money which a person earns does not always reflect properly whether he is successful in his profession.

To conclude I consider money to be a good criterion only of one’s career success and only for certain types of professions. That is why if people earn a lot of money it does not necessarily mean that the whole lives of these people are successful. Money


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