Mother Theresa

Mother Teresa was a selfless, spiritual being that cared for the betterment of others based on her religious beliefs. At the age of twelve Mother Teresa felt a calling from God and felt that she should be a missionary of Christ, and at the age of eighteen she became a nun. She taught at an all girls school for fifteen years, but felt another calling from God to help the needy, and she began teaching in slums. Caring for the poor exhausted Mother Teresa, but she relied on God for the strength and help that she needed to get through her work.The bible and God are a major influence in Mother Teresa’s life and her works are inspirational to many because of how she carried out her beliefs through her practices. In Mother Teresa’s speech at Oslo in 1979 accepting her Nobel Peace Prize, Mother Teresa opens up her speech thanking God. Instantly, the audience can see that Mother Teresa is influenced by her faith. Knowing a little bit about Mother Teresa, I know that all of Mother Teresa’s work was based off of a ‘calling from God’.

Every thing that Mother Teresa did had a purpose, and that purpose was to honor God and fulfill what he had planned for her life. Throughout the whole speech, Mother Teresa brings her point back to God and how he was the reason for how she carried out her life. Mother Teresa says, “We must live life beautifully, we have Jesus with us and he loves us. If we could only remember that God loves us, and we have an opportunity to love others as he loves us”.

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This quote from the speech at Oslo is a perfect summary of how the bible influences Mother Teresa and her work. Mother Teresa says direct quotes in the speech from the bible about loving others as I (Jesus) have loved you. Mother Teresa took the direct words from the bible and made them actions. She loved and cared for everyone, no matter what his or her status was, because this is how God loves. The quotes from the bible help get her point across. She always confirms anything she said with an allusion or quote from the bible.At one point, Mother Teresa makes a statement about abortion. She makes her argument through God and scripture, she says, “God says very clearly” and goes on to back up her thoughts on abortion with scripture from the bible.

It is clear how much the bible influenced Mother Teresa just by how much she refers to it. It is apparent that Mother Teresa’s work, to serve the poor was solely based on the bible. Mother Teresa’s purpose in life, to serve others, was influenced by God and his callings to her.

I think the way Mother Teresa bases her work off of the bible is inspirational to me and to others. She uses the bible in such a positive way, which benefits others. This quote from her speech, “Pray that we may remain faithful to the gift of God, to love him and serve him in the poor together with you” is so powerful. I think Mother Teresa’s use of the bible is a very good example of how others and myself should be humble and remember that we are a gift from God and that our purpose of life is to serve him and to carry out his plan that he has for us.



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