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Mothers play a very significant role in the growth and development of their children thus it is very important for mothers to spend considerable time with their children to ensure that they grow up well in an environment that is filled with love care and protection which can only be well obtained from their mothers who should love them unconditionally. While this may be quite easy for the mothers who opt to stay at home with their children, it might be a dream beyond reach for the moms who opt to leave their children behind with either maids or other care takers. Such children will receive much less care love and attention from their tired moms as compared to those children who are staying at home with their moms. This therefore, means that children who stay at home with their parents are more taken care of than those who are left behind to be taken care of by other care takers (Lewis, Para 3).Arguments for moms who remain at home with their childrenA working mom is likely to be less absorbed significantly with the child’s activities since she is not spending quality time with the child, the attachment between mother and child will less and thus the child is likely to develop a culture of regarding the mom as a very important factor in his or her life.

The child will not view the mom as a role model to its life since the child does not fully know the mom. The few interactions between working moms and their children cannot yield quality time to the child to significantly be affected by the mom’s influence. The moms who spend all day at home with their children are in a better position to fully understand their children as compared to the working moms. This is due to the fact that the moms staying at home are more relaxed and thus in a better position to deliver good results to their children. On the other hand the working mothers spending all day in their work places will in most cases arrive home late and exhausted. Thus even if they might be willing to pay attention to their children they will in most cases be unable to meet their objectives a fact that is likely to make their children to be withdrawn for them and seek love care and protection from other people which at times may not be the best for them but they are left with much less alternatives (, Para 6-8).

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Parental care for childhood development is not capable of being substituted with anything else, not even nanny cares, baby sitters, or even day cares. Since the working moms are not in a position to be with their children all day they opt for other alternatives to provide parenthood which does not really work for the good of the child since the best care for the child can only be obtained from the mom. These children will therefore have problems in their childhood development and such problems are likely to affect them throughout their entire lives since the child looses focus at a very early stage in development. The children who spend much of their time with other care takers such as baby sitters or even in day care centers are likely to be more exposed to more aggression and stress which greatly hampers their development as compared to the children who spend much of their time with their mothers who are not exposed to such problems and will therefore develop normally (Nemko, Para 5).The moms who opt to stay at home with their kids are in a better position to supervise the care of their children in a better manner as compared to the working moms. They can be able to ensure that their children are in an environment which is nurturing, relaxed, comfortable and familiar. Unlike the working moms, the moms who stay at home with their children are in a better position to have more opportunity to be close to their kids more regularly and can therefore be able to well determine the kid’s physical and emotional changes.

The moms staying at home with their children will always have a good chance of being the first to notice anything happening to the life of the kid and thus they are in a better position as compared to the working mothers to respond appropriately to the changes taking place in the life of the kid. This would obviously not be possible with the working moms who are only likely to learn the kid’s life and changes taking place from the baby sitters and other care takers which in most cases will not be accurate or might be distorted. Thus if there is a change that has taken place in the kid which is not good the mom will take a lot of time before discovering and subsequently rectifying it, hence it might be quite hard or even impossible to take care of such changes (Sutton, Para 7).In some families, it might be cheaper for the mom to stay at home and take good care of the kid than incurring the cost of hiring someone to take care of the child. It is not in doubt that the working moms incur a lot of cost to have their children taken care of by baby sitters and maids only for their children to be exposed to aggression and stress. The working mothers therefore, loose on both sides, they loose their money and their children get improper care. On the other hand the moms staying at home with their kids spend less for their kid’s care and they end up assisting their kids to develop very well.

The moms staying at home have time for not only their kids but also for their spouse and they are therefore able to maintain very healthy families and the children are thus grown up in a very conducive environment, which has less stress as compared to those children who has to be with exhausted parents only in the evening who have work related stress and are thus concerned less with the kids who are also tired at that time (Pacella, Para 6).The moms staying at home with their kids are better mothers to their kids than the working moms. This is due to the fact that they spend much time with their kids and are therefore able to effectively and efficiently teach their children practices that they value and hold high in their lives.

Children receiving such teachings are more likely to be responsible in future as compared to the kids who are to be influenced by those people taking care of them whose main objective is to earn money and not to provide quality care to the child. Hence children being taken care of by baby sitters or in the day care centers will be less morally upright as they have no one to ensure that moral values are well taught to the kid. This can have a lot of impact in the development of a child and indeed the entire life of the child since the omissions in the early development stages of a child are very much difficult to rectify in future and in fact might be completely be impossible to fully rectify them and thus become a problem not only to the parents but to the society too (Pacella, Para 8).Arguments for working momsThe arguments that kids can only get good care from their moms are completely unfounded. In fact, there are many children who are not brought up by their parents and receive as good care as those being taken care of by their parents. The fact that a child’s mom is working does not necessarily mean that the mom does not have ample time with the kid. So many working moms are able to work well and to take good care of their kids by spending their time wisely. They can make sure that once they arrive home from their work places they have ample time with their kids and thus the kids will be able to identify with them (Pacella, Para 9).

Children whose moms are working are always eager each day to meet their moms in the evening and they are more likely to patiently wait for them as every day to them is another opportunity of meeting their moms once again. This is not possible with moms staying at home with their kids who due to loneliness might be with the kid only physically but emotionally be miles away from the kid and thus the kid will receive no good care from a bored mom who is used to be in the work place but she is now finding herself in a very different environment and will only be at home since she has less alternative (Sutton, Para 8-9). Compared to the moms staying at home with their kids, the working mothers are in a better position to fully provide for their kids both in terms of basic needs for the child such as good clothing and food but also with love and care which are very important factors in the life of a child. This might not be possible with mothers who spend all their time with their children at home who are more likely to find themselves facing liquidity problems especially if their employer does not pay them during such periods. Such moms are likely to have stress associated with lack of money which unknowingly might transmit to their children and thus will not be in a position to fully express their love to the kids (Lewis, Para 5).There is no need for a mom who ought to be working some where to stop working and instead dedicate all her time to the taking care of the children. They should instead use their abilities, knowledge and potential working as opposed as to just staying with their kids at home. For such women problem solving, coping with increased challenges and intellectual stimulation increase their feelings of self confidence and self esteem.

She is therefore more likely to instill such her kids and thus challenge them and show them that for them to be high achievers in life they must be hard working and have to avoid spending all time at home as there are many more challenges that need to be tackled in life. For the moms who are just at home lonely, unchallenged and unhappy in their own lives, they are likely to pass on their frustrations to their kids and thus they will not get quality care from their moms (Lewis, Para 6).A kid should not just grow in a solitary life where he or she has the alternative of interacting with the mom all day long. They should instead be provided with much diversity which aids their development significantly.

The children should therefore be allowed to interact with other people so that they can be able to socially grow well. Children should be taken to day care centers where they will have the opportunity of interacting with other children from diverse backgrounds and thus learn other ways of life other than being provided with a single style in life. Children in day care centers will therefore have an opportunity to play with other children in the facility and thus grow up normally. This cannot be possible with the children who are simply staying at home with their mothers and have no one to play with their childhood games which are very important in their development (Lewis, Para 8).For children who are brought up in an environment where they are allowed to interact with other people apart from their close family members they learn to be independent at a very early stage in their life. This can only be possible for the children are being brought up by working moms and thus those kids that are taken care of by their moms will not have an opportunity of being independent as they are in fact over protected by their moms.

Over protection can easily ruin a child’s life as they always will always be very dependent on their moms and will never think beyond the assistance that comes from their moms (Lane, Para 8).At times it is not always less expensive to for moms to sacrifice their work in order to take care of their kids. They might actually be earning much more than they pay the baby sitters and other care takers to take care of their kids. Moms can actually suffer a lot due to stopping to work so that they take care of their kids who after all will need good clothing and food which have to be achieved through working (Lewis, Para 10).ConclusionIt is very evident from the discussion that children who are taken care of by their moms who are not working receive far much care as compared to their counter parts being brought up by working moms. Kids staying at home are less likely to exposed aggression and stress since their moms are always there for them. Unlike the children being brought up by working moms, those who stay at home with their moms a more likely to have better childhood development since they are receiving the best parental care.

Thus all children should be brought up by non working mothers so that they can receive as much care as possible. This will enable them to grow up well and to be very responsible people in future. Thus families and indeed the whole society will benefit from such people who have been brought up in the best manner possible. Such people will be in a position to hold the moral values of the society high and will therefore contribute positively to the well being of the entire society.


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