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Motivation and Performance Motivation It’s a clear fact that motivation influences the individual performance directly. Therefore the motivator should understand the requirements of the employees in order to satisfy them.

Each employee will not be motivated in the same manner as to another, but they would be motivated by approaching in a different method. Therefore the motivator should analyze and identify the best way to motivate each employee in order to get the best performance out of them. There are various methods of motivating employees like financially and non-financially.Some might prefer to get financial benefits and some would prefer to get non financial benefits in order to be motivated. This would completely rely on the needs of the employee. When looking at the theories of motivating employees, there are two main categories. Those are, ‘Content theories’ and ‘Process theories’.

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However when looking at the case study, it’s more approached by ‘Content theory’. Therefore it’s much better to look deeply into the content theories and the influence of that on the company which is mentioned in the case study.According to the given description the main challenge for the company is to train employees in a short period of time. It’s clear that there are several events taking place in the external environment such as increase in the population, increase in the disposable income, demand for grain and the decrease in tillable land which cannot be controlled by the company.

However the company has planned to start an agricultural project worldwide to produce more grain in a very limited area (land). Mainly the employee teams should understand the situation of the world, the need of their service and the importance of grain (food) for the future.As there are cross functional teams, the team consist number of employees with various talents’ and expertise. The team will also have employees from deferent levels. Therefore the leader of the team has to identify the level of the employee and the requirement of the employee in order to use the appropriate mechanism to motivate the employee. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory Maslow states that there are five main steps of human needs which are attempted to fulfill each, one after another.

Diagram I (Maslow’s Hierarchy)According to Maslow’s hierarchy, majority of the people are trying to fulfill their physiological needs which indirectly says that the majority of the people are still at the bottom level or rather, they are categories under the group of so called ‘poor’ and a fewer proportion is categorized for self actualization needs which means that they have fulfilled all the other needs or rather, a major portion of hierarchy of needs and finally they need the acceptance or the goodwill from the society which they live in. But there are instances where the Maslow’s hierarchy will not be accurate.Maslow’s hierarchy indicates that people initially try to fulfill their physiological needs such as hunger, thirst and then they look for safety needs such as education and jobs. Once they fulfill the safety needs they look for social needs.

But when considering the real situation of the world it can be seen that it is not accurate each time. There are situations where Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is correct and in some issues it’s not. When considering a school, there are students who are totally depending on their parents. Parents give them food (physiological), education, shelter (Safety) and all other facilities.Therefore it can be said that they are climbing up in the Maslow’s hierarchy.

But almost all the children have friends while they are schooling. Also there are many instances where school children fall in to love-affairs while they study. Although Maslow’s hierarchy says that people try to fulfill safety needs before they seek for social needs, in reality it’s not accurate and there are incidences where people attempt to fulfill social needs and safety needs simultaneously as discussed in the above situation. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the Real Situation of the Company However hen considering the situation of the above mentioned company as it says in the middle that they have got cross functional teams, it’s clear that there are people who belongs to different steps of the above diagram.

Therefore when the leader motivates the team members, the leader should recognize the level of the employee before deciding ‘how to motivate? What should be given to motivate the employees? ’ In the cross functional teams of this company there could be bottom/ operational level employees (probably farmers) to managerial level employees such as Marketing manager, financial manager etc.When considering these levels, the team leader will have to treat or motivate each of them using different methods. For example the financial manager and marketing manager will be placed as top level personnel in their relevant departments.

In that situation, they might be drawing a good salary and other facilities. Also the operational level employees who work in fields and supervisors who observe the work in field might be getting a lower salary and facilities compared to the managers.As a team leader or the country manager of the above company, if the operational levels are given with an incentive for the number of hours they work, for the land they have tilled or a salary increment for the operational level employees, they would be motivated and will work more effectively. When employees are given training, they would try to gain knowledge and use this knowledge to work hard in order to be eligible for the incentive schemes as the trained employees.If the team leader or the country manager takes the same decision and offer a salary increment for the Marketing manager and financial manager, perhaps they will not be motivated as they have enough salary, facilities and even the recognition in the company as the marketing or financial managers. Therefore, these set of employees will be waiting to fulfill the final level of Self actualization needs.

Hence, if the country manager or team leader would be offered a meal with the company CEO, it would be more effective and the managers will be absolutely motivated.Table II– (Motivational factors and nature of employees’ responses) |Employee |Motivational Factor | | |Salary Increment |Over time |Facilities |Dinner with CEO |Better Designation | | | |payments | | |(Promotion) | |Finance Manager |( |( |( |( |( | |Marketing Manager |( |( |( |( |( | |HR Executive |( |( |( |( |( | |Coordinators |( |( |( |( |( | |Field supervisor |( |( |( |( |( | |Field workers |( |( |( |( |( | The above table shows different types of employees and how they would be motivated. The operational level employees constantly seek for monitory rewards, as they need funds to fulfill their basic needs. But when considering the managerial level, they look for non-financial rewards such as recognition.

Therefore in order to motivate employees in an effective manner and to become a good leader or a team leader, the level of the employee and his/her next level of needs should be understood.


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