Mr. Jones

Recently you were the victim of a theft committed by Mr. Jones.  Burglary is the first crime committed by Mr. Jones.

  He has been gainfully employed for the past 8 years, but was recently laid off from his job.  He has been seeking gainful employment, but has been unable to find it.  During this period, Mr. Jones perpetrated these property crimes to feed his small child and wife.Mr. Jones recognizes that his action was not right.

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  He has apologized for what he has done.   He has been found guilty in court, and the Judge has requested an alternative remediation to incarceration.  At this point, Mr. Jones is willing to repay what he has taken.Of course, Mr. Jones was unable to find gainful employment on his own, after loosing his job.

  Also, he was living day-to-day with his previous income.  To expect him to be able to repay the value within a short period of time would not be reasonable.   The State, therefore, proposes the following plan to remediate Mr.

Jones.First, since Mr. Jones is already a highly skilled worker, he will be placed within several employment agencies in the area.  This will be overseen by a State Case Worker.Second, once Mr. Jones has found gainful employment, 10% of his wages will be withheld to repay the victims of his crimes.

Third, Mr. Jones has also accumulated legal fees and social services fees.  This will also be deducted at 3% of his pay until paid in full.Fourth, the State understands that not all of the damage has been monetary.  There has also been emotional duress and time spent handling the problems.

  Although Mr. Jones is not able to repay this directly, the State would like him to complete 48 hours of community service over the next 6 months.  We would like to encourage Mr. Jones to become a closer part of his community.If Mr.

Jones breaks any of these terms, incarceration would ensue.  The State would like to make the above recommendations for sentencing to the Judge, and is requesting your approval.  Please notify our office with any concerns or questions.  Thank you.

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