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Unit one stories of heroes Lesson 6 the death or Arthur How does Mordred manage to have himself crowned the king of England? Answer) He lies and says Arthur is dead. (Sir Mordred tells the public that Arthur has died while fighting Sir Lancelot in France Why is the treaty between Arthur and sir Mordred broken so quickly? Answer) A snake bites a knight; and the knight draws his sword to kill the snake, which sparks the battle (such unfortunate twists of fate are common in medieval legends.What qualities does Sir Bedivere display the first two times Arthur dispatches him to throw Excalibur into the water? Answer) Selfishness and greed(The first two times Arthur dispatches him to throw Excalibur back into the water, sir bedievere convets the sword and tries to disobey Arthur and keep it for himself As he is being rowed away by the four queens, Arthur tells sir Bedivere to Answer) take care of himself, for the king is too weak to lead anymore. (Arthur is reminding his knight to be self-sufficient and strong.When Arthur dies, sir Bedivere behaves in ways that show him to be Answer) loyal and honorable (sir Bedivere fasts and prays with the hermit after Arthur’s death, thus displaying his continuing loyally to his fallen leader. Special Qualities Arthur’s Qualities At several points in the story, Arthur displays an uncommon capacity for forgiveness and wisdom, he sets aside his dispute with Lancelot to ask for his help in defeating Sir Mordred, then, he agrees to a treaty with the traitorous Sir Mordred.

Finally, he forgives sir Bedivere after Bedivere fails to throw the sword in the water at his request Challenges Throughout his life. Arthur relies on the code of chivalry as he faces and overcomes significant challenges. Yet, forgetting the code, he fails at the critical moment; he lets anger govern his behavior in the battle with Sir Mordred, attacking his son despite dire warnings not to engage the battle.

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Through Arthur survives the encounter with mordred, his is mortally wounded and has had to slay his son.The young man who should have been his heir. Faith and ideals Even though Arthur is punished for his anger, he remains an exceptional individual who embodies the faith and ideals of his culture. The beginning of his reign shows that he still enjoys this favor. He is carried away in a boat to the vale of Avalon, a mythical island paradise, and is tended by black-clad queens with magical powers. Arthur receives exceptional and supernatural assistance in life and in death.

Arthur’s judgmentArthur’s demonstrates intelligence and good judgment in his decision to set aside his dispute with Sir Lancelot and ask the knight to help him defeat sir Morderd. Arthur’s strength Mordred tried to keep Arthur’s army from landing at dover, but Arthur’s returning army was able to sweep the traitor from the beaches. Arthur also shows strength and courage in the battle against Sir Morderd, where the rode through the battle many times, in great danger that day Arthur’s PietyArthurs’ piety and devotion to God are revealed when he listens to the warning from sir Gawain in his dream and asks to make a treaty with Sir Mordred, in spite of all the Mordred has done. Sir Gawain says that God has sent his special grace to Arthur to warn him against fighting Sire Mordred Arthur’s devotion Arthur’s devotion to womanhood is honored by the four queens who tend to him after his grievous journey. Arthur’s virtues Arthur’s generosity is demonstrated when he allows Sir Mordred to rule Cornwall and Kent while Arthur lived.He also shows his love of and service to others, as well as his courtesy and pity in his handling of Sir Bedivere’s betrayal Arthur is struck and gravely injured as a result of his decision to attack sir Mordred. What does Arthur’s fate suggest about failing to behave selflessly and honorably? Answer) Arthurs’ fate suggests that giving in to anger and seeking vengeance are selfish and dishonorable behaviors.

Behaving in this way is not heroic, as punishment for his serious injury can be understood as punishment for his failure to act according to the chivalric ode. Special qualities Lacking Mordred greed Sir Mordred’s demands show that he is not only deceitful, envious, and untrustworthy, but also greedy and selfish; he demands rights and rule that is not rightfully his. Such qualities fly in the face of the selflessness and service demanded by the chivalric code Mordred Challenges Mordred’s main purpose is to serve as a villain in the story. Though he does face trail in battle, Mordred’s main challenge is internal. An ambitious young man, he distrusts his father’s nobility.He wants power for himself and is not willing to wait for his father’s authority and judgement to receive it Mordred, impatient and disrespectful, opely defies the chivalric virtueof loyalty and right treatment of those above him in rank Mordred Faithless Before agreeing to the treaty, sir mordred demands to be recongnized as the ruler of the regions Cornwall and Kent while Arthur lives and to be named sovereign ofall England after Arthur’sdeath.

His greedy insistence on these demands violates the right relationship of a knight to hislord, of a son to his father, and of a prince to the kingdom that he is supposed to serve.


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