The multimeter that is commonly called as multitester is also known as VOM or volt/ohm meter is an electronic measuring device that has the capacity to measure the current, resistance and the AC or DC voltage accurately. This device is very important in troubleshooting electrical problem it is either in industrial or household apparatus such as appliances, batteries, motor controls, switches, power supplies and wiring system. A post office engineer in the early 1920 invented the multimeter and he is Donald Macadie. There are two main types of multimeters, the analog and the digital. An analog multimeter represents the amount of current, voltage, or resistance using its moving pointer over a printed scale and needs an interpretation, while a digital multimeter has numerical displays that indicate a straightforward decimal read out of the three quantities.A digital multimeter seems more accurate and precise than an analog because in analog, parallax error can be encountered while in digital it shows automatically the exact value with the right range set. Just like with the common device, multimeter has basic parts also.

They are meter scale, test probe, pointer adjusts, selector function range, and zero adjust for ohmmeter. In using any apparatus, safety must think first. When using the multimeter, one must be responsible and aware enough in getting the amount of the quantities. As for example, it is not possible to measure voltage in the current based setting because it may short due to low resistance or can cause explosion.

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That’s why, see to it that there is a fuse before using the multimeter and the insulation of the probes and wires for safety and prevention purposes. For troubleshooting purposes, one must confirm that the internal battery is not flat and the internal fuse is still working; the probes should be in the right socket and polarity; lastly, observe the correct dial setting. Nowadays, some of the advanced models of a multimeter can measure inductance, temperature, duty cycle, capacitance and frequency. It can also test or try diodes and transistor. This multimeter can also be used as an oscilloscope.For me, multimeter has many uses that could help the people who are in need of it.ReferencesAll about Circuits is a Multimeter? is a digital multimeter? is a multimeter?



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