Music Experience

I attended a course on Music Experience in spring 2010. I voluntarily opted for this course because music is a very interesting topic and I wished to have an entertaining elective class to complete the semester. In addition to this, I heard from my seniors that the course would be very easy for one to get A class. Finally I was happy to note that it fitted my schedule easily.Since I had very little knowledge and experience in music, I was eager to know more about different types of music.

The enthusiasm inside me towards music made me feel attentive in the class and I was able to learn more and gain experience about music. I could experience how the music students practice during rehearsals and preparations for the concerts. I could later see how they actually performed during the concerts including their facial expressions. After completing the course, I could feel satisfied that I had a nice experience in music and I could gain additional knowledge in music. I can confidently say that my expectations were met and I was able to get what I wanted.At the same time, I was disappointed to see students taking a nap or playing with their cellphones during the concerts part of the course. I was also disappointed to see people coming to concerts for just name sake by either coming late or coming few minutes before the termination of the concert. However, I could cherish seeing an elderly person playing piano, and I was very much impressed by his performing and acting.

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He was very energetic and used to jump sometimes while he was performing. In one of the concerts that I attended, I was surprised to see an entire family performing in a music concert. I don’t remember their names right now, but I could observe that all the family members in that group including their children were using different musical instruments. I was very much impressed by the way they entered the stage, as they were playing a nice music with the saxophone instrument while walking onto the stage. I would personally rate their performance as the best concerts I had attended. The performance of the group was very professional and they started their show with a very amazing play using viola and piano instrument. They had set a good example for the ever-famous proverb “First impression is the best impression”.My experiences during the course affected a lot of those connections that I described at the beginning of the semester.

As mentioned in my home page, other than piano and guitar I didn’t know much about any other musical instruments. Now I have come to know about Viola, Saxophones, violin, and the bassoon. Before the course, I was never attached towards listening to Jazz music, but now I have discovered that I have started liking jazz music and I am eager towards attending jazz concerts in future.One fine Sunday, to be more specific, on 28th March, I was free and hence I planned to attend a concert and later I felt lucky to have attended it, as the concert turned to be one of the favourite concerts, I had attended. Karen Johnson was playing on violin and Joanne Kong was playing on a piano. I liked both the performers and it was based on a classical music. Schumann music comprised of lots of pieces and I enjoyed listening to it too. I could discover and gather much information about Schumann music and learnt how difficult it is to learn and play using different pieces.

However, I wasn’t impressed much by the Bass instrument, and I couldn’t list out the reasons for disliking it. While listening to bass, I was feeling as if the sound didn’t come out of the instrument. On the other hand, experiences gained by me in watching several live music and live performers helped me to rate a musical concert based on the performance and encouraged me to attend more and more concerts even after the classes were finished.After completing the course, whenever I used to listen to music on my PC or Radio, I used to think how the performers are able to captivate us towards their music.I would personally feel that the most effective thing in the Experiencing Music course was attending the concerts, Convocations, and the rehearsals. I learnt newer things from each and every concert I attended and I learnt several things, which I wasn’t aware of earlier. However, I guess that the least effective thing was writing the online reviews about the concerts based on the responses from those who attended the concert.

This can be overcome by initiating a discussion panel in the class between the students under the guidance of a professor who will help everyone to know more and enable them to gain a better experience on such concerts. Finally, I was enjoying the course with lots of fun and it helped me a lot to know about music. It would be nice if some international music and pieces are played in some of the future concerts which will enable the students to gain experiences about international music.



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