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The current period of swiftly increasing environmental intricacy and interdependence tends to increase feelings of uncertainty caused by a lack of environment mastery in both the developed Western world and the largely immature Muslim world. This will be the case especially in the less knowledgeable parts of the population where it will arouse an “upsurge of religion especially its fundamentalist version”.

[1] This paper tackles the comparison and the contrasts of the Christian identity or white supremacists movement with the domestic radical Islamists (Fredrickson 19)ComparisonOne cause why much of the Muslim world is such a good quality recruiting ground for al-Qaeda apart from the fact that the US attacked two Muslim countries is that through the lack of countervailing forces, capitalist utilization is worse there than anywhere in the western world. “These local elites try to protect themselves against possible revolution”[2] by often vigorously directing discontent towards the West and especially towards the US. (Quester 53)While it is one of the richest and technologically most urbanized nations in the Western world and certainly the most influential and while it also excels in virtually every aspect of science or culture, from nuclear physics to ballet, the inhabitants as a whole scores relatively low on education and religious complexity and in this sense is more analogous than visible at a apparent glance to many of the Muslim countries that are its adversaries in the war on horror. (Quester 54)The violent actions of the Christian right can indeed are compared with the agitprop activities of the Communist parties in the last century and also with the permeation tactics of the Nazis in the last days of the Republic.

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The core idea is to obtain power by deceitful means using furtiveness tactics and once obtained subject matter all of society to that power generate a Christian democracy of the USA as divergent to the Islamic Republic of Iran and subsequently do the Crusades all over again but this time with and weapon store of atomic weaponry. (Burke 23)Both the fundamental Islamists and the white supremacists movement denounce the issue of homosexuality. For instance; while the Christians scrutiny the homosexuals as having had dedicated the most heinous crime conceivable, Muslims on the other hand view homosexual as legally unfeasible.

(Smith 20)ContrastsWhile the US positively still produces top level science there is a startling growth of intensely rooted and irrational ant science attitude particularly among the Christian right as evidenced for instance, by their confrontation against stem cell explore. (Burke 23)Atheists are frequently alleged as a threat to the American way of life, they are considered to be more illegal, though the percentage of atheists in prison is inferior than in the general inhabitants but turn out to be more frequently against torture than the universal population. According to Austin Cline, “the Christian right is more characterized by what it is against than by what it is in favor of whether it is anti science, antisecu;arism, anti democratic, and most of all it is anti modernity.”[3] (Quester 23)Since the beginning of the war on terror after the assault on the World Trade Center, Muslims and Muslim nations enjoyed the unbroken attention of the neo-conservative circles in the US. With the ending of the Cold War, a new exterior enemy was needed and the phase was set for a dynamic military reply to any other external threats in scrutiny of the neo-conservative necessitate for an American Century.

(Fredrickson 87)Common Themes/Goals that support the development of alliances between the twoThe special association between the United States and Israel was the theme of some tremendously harsh comments in the media by public statistics and members of parliament. Former Administration Minister Luis Carlos Bresser Pereira held responsible the United States for its situation of unreserved support of Israel which he well thought-out had laid the ground for Islamic abhorrence of the United States. (Fredrickson 87)Organizations on the “tremendous right in the US – primarily hate groups and anarchistic”[4]groups- reacted assertively to the September 11 attacks and their result. Some blamed American society suggestive of that toleration of homosexuals, abortions and parting of church and state had led God to chastise the United States. (Fredrickson 87)Whether it would be prone to develop alliances with anti-US transnational groupsI think it would be prone to develop alliances with anti-US transnational groups since most widespread among hate groups was the disagreement that the September 11 attacks occurred for the reason that the United States subjugated by the “Jewish lobby” supported Israel. Many tremendous right groups favored such arguments because they were more persuasive than Mossad scheme theories.

(Smith 20)ConclusionIf an individual is looking for an appropriate symbol to portray both sides of the conflict on horror one may take the two presidents on both sides; Bush and Ahmadinejad. Astonishingly, they are remote from being each other’s opposites as on would have anticipated at first sight. On the converse, they are very a great deal like one another, and in the sense one cannot help wondering what the disagreement is all about.It is terrible that this apparently rational and rationalized globe of ours has regressed this extreme that two religious fanatics have managed to be converted into presidents to their countries, and that they both take up completely fanatical millennial ideologies: Bush waiting for the ecstasy and Admadinejad for the come back of the concealed imam.


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