My Dream

Dream means something to think or something like it was made. Typically occur when people sleep. But the other meaning is what people do themselves in the future. Most people have different dreams such as a lawyer, a policeman, an astronaut, a nurse or a minister. But I want to be a cartoonist. A cartoonist is the man who created the artwork in the cartoon.

He uses the imagination for create some books or movies. Currently the comic can convey knowledge to other people around the world, so cartoons are influencing the entire world.You will see a cartoon character is everywhere.

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Japan is a country that has been exported many cartoon books to foreign countries for sell. Japanese comics are famous in the country and around the world. The famous Japanese cartoon is “K-ON” which a cartoon animation.

The stories of ordinary life, a young girl named Yui to be lost in the Light Music Society, entitled K-ON and find the friendship with the people in the club. This cartoon animation is smooth and funny.The cartoon makes a lot of the Japanese teenagers are interesting to play music. Another famous cartoon is “Cardcaptor Sakura”. It is very old because it is produced about 10 years ago, but the story was prepared in different languages for sell around the world.

Therefore today is a cartoon with counterpart. So a cartoonist is my dream. Because the cartoon book makes people happy, laugh, makes a good mood and makes new friends. The world fills with happy. This is my dream.

Author: Megan Lowe


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