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Last updated: March 20, 2019

I am an international student. Writing in English is not my normal method of communication. In a paper entitled, “Writing Across Cultures and Contexts: International Students in the Stanford Study of Writing”, Erin McClure Krampetz of Stanford University discusses the way international students communicate and how this affects their abilitiesin American universities. This is an important subject to me because I want to have more confidence in my writing as an international student.

As I grew up, I learned to write in order to succeed in my education. I did very well in my schooling and learning. It was important for me to know how to write so that I could do this. I do not despise writing, because it helps me to let people know about myself, and it helps my teachers to know how much I am learning. I cannot say that I enjoy writing in English, because it is difficult for me to write as quickly as I can in my native language, but I would like for it to become an easier thing for me as I continue my education.I cannot succeed in school or in work without knowing how to write. It is impossible to pass any educational course, or to apply for work, or to communicate with anyone for any reason that requires writing, without being able to say what I want to say and know that it will be understood.

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I also would like to communicate through writing with my friends who write in the English language. It is very important to me that they know what I am trying to say. In want to  be sure that they are not confused, or have to ask questions again and again.I have a lot of knowledge. This is my strength.

Not being able to communicate knowledge easily in English is my weakness. I hope to learn how to do this much better.ReferencesMcClure Krampetz, Erin. (2005).

“Writing Across Cultures and Contexts: International Students in the Stanford Study of Writing.” Monograph, International Comparative Education, School of Education, Stanford University. Retrieved May 31, 2009, from <>


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