My Identity

My Identity My Identity is a complex assortment of values, personality traits, relationships,skills and societal influences, specifically unique to myself. My parents have instilled many values within me. Some of the many include treasuring family over anything else because they are always there to protect me and help me out when I need them the most. They also taught me to value education because education is a sure fire way to be successful in the world and gives you many life lessons.In addition my parents taught me to thank god for all the things have that I would normally take advantage of like air conditioning, a dishwasher, a comfortable house to live and working electricity.

While my parents have taught me a plethora of values I also have my own. One thing I value is independence. You can’t always depend on people for everything. Life has many obstacles in your way and sometimes your friends and family won’t always be there to save you. So, I believe independence is an extremely pliable skill to have in life.

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Another value of mine is respect of personal space. I like hanging out with friends and playing around with people but every now and then I need time to myself to work on other things without outside disruptions. Respecting personal space also means you respect a person enough to let them be and not try to intrude into their lives. If people respect my space then naturally I respect theirs as well because no one likes someone who just violates your personal space for otherwise worthless nonsense or unimportant remarks.

My personality is a very important part of my identity because its one of the first things you show to people when you meet them. My personality is a rather aberrant combination of my parents most prevailing traits. My mother is indifferent, not caring about many things at all but the education of my sister and myself. She doesn’t try to involve herself with anyone else problems. My dad on the other hand, is overcritical, overprotective, and easily aggravated.He essential cares about everyones well being, not just including our family, but even other people because he’s a pharmacist.

Since the medicine he gives out are very powerful he needs to make sure everything is perfect which explains his personality. The best way to describe my personality would be using the words aloof, simplistic, easily distracted and easily aroused. My personality and values give many types of advantages.

My aloofness in a way helps my self esteem because I don’t care what people think about me so their comments don’t phase me.My simplicity makes it so that life becomes less stressful overall. Me being easily frustrated also gives a signal to other people for when I’m not feeling well which is uncommon.

Even though I’m typically disinterested with people problems I do try to help them feel better. My disinterest doesn’t dissipate my knowledge of the world. I do understand concepts and pick up on things well when I need to. Somehow, me being easily aroused gives comic relief to my friends. Unfortunately I have many weaknesses. My aloofness is like a double edged sword.It gives off an overall impression of cold heartedness and dislike to most people that don’t know me well.

Both friends and family alike tell me that I give off an aura of antagonism and that I’m isolative but that’s just not the case. I form my own blunt opinions of people but I keep them to myself most of the time. I’m very intolerant of people who don’t respect my personal space. For most people it isn’t an issue but for some, it’s best that they just leave me alone. And Finally, I’m easily stressed out if something doesn’t turn out right for me.



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