My Inspiration

My Inspiration By Jezka S.

Celebrities, athletes, politicians…

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they are usually the ones who we consider to be our role model. They are the ones who inspire us to become someone someday. Because of their success and happiness in life, it is inevitable that we admire them. But my role model isn’t a celebrity, an athlete, or even a politician. When I was a senior in Espiritu Santo Parochial School, I was pretty messed up.

I was the President of the Student Council, but I wasn’t acting like one. I was very outspoken.I thought that all of my actions were reasonable. It even came to a point where I had a conflict with my adviser and English teacher, Mrs. Rizardo. I didn’t agree with the way she handled our class and I honestly thought that we’d be better off without her.

I was really hard-headed back then and I didn’t pay attention to what others have to say. I thought that I was very great in English and that I knew better than her. But obviously, I don’t and it just shows how stupid I am, to even think that in the first place, and compare myself to a teacher, such as herself.

The great thing about her was that she didn’t give up on us, especially on me. Even though it was only her first year teaching in that school, she showed this kind passion that I haven’t seen in my past teachers before. She was beautiful, both inside and out. So when I was asked who my role model in life was, I instantly thought of her.

I decided to go back to my alma mater and interview her. I wasn’t able to inform her about the interview beforehand, so she was taken by surprise when I got there. She was still in the same faculty room as she was two years ago.

It felt like I was walking down memory lane. The first thing that I asked her was that if she was happy being a teacher. And of course, she answered yes. She said that she always look forward to another day of molding young minds. It was her passion in teaching that makes every single minute worthwhile. Since her childhood, she has already desired to be a teacher. This was evident on her favorite roles in their games. She used to act as a teacher to her playmates all the time.

However, she changed her mind when she was in high school.She said that at that time, she felt that she wanted to be an accountant. But later on, she ended up shading “Education” when she applied for college and then knew that her innermost desire won. She had a really hard time on finishing her course due to some personal, unexpected reasons. She decided to stop for a year to help her mother.

After that, she applied for a scholarship and with God’s grace, passed. But the scholarship alone is not enough. So, she needed to work during her free time. “It was indeed hard, yet the fruit was fulfilling. She said.

Later then, I asked her how her life has changed since becoming a teacher. She said that her life has been given more meaning. She was able to do the thing she loves and she can also help and touch the lives of her students. “I became more empathetic…

more involved in helping an individual make a difference in his life. ” She even mentioned, “I do not just deal with my work. I deal with people. I deal with future leaders.

It’s either I break or make them. ” Intrigued by her answer, I asked her how she became successful.She said that she was successful because she was happy and contented. She knew that there maybe other dreams unfulfilled but she believes that God has His own time in giving her those.

I also asked her that if she was given the chance, would she have done things differently. She answered no and told me that she was at the point of savoring the moments of her inner desire. “I don’t think there would be another more fulfilling job for me. ” I was really fascinated with her answers and was very eager to learn more about her life as teacher.I even asked her if she thought that at some point in her career, she was able to change someone’s life. She answered yes, and said that she knows that in her own little ways, she was able to inspire her students to be better persons.

“The fruits of my labor may not be seen fully, but I am confident that they will get there. ” Little did she know that she was able to change my life as well. Then, I asked her on how she will encourage others to become an inspiration, such as herself. She simply said that we just have to be passionate on what we’re doing and that we should just be a good example to others. My parents taught me well and they’ve become my greatest inspiration ever since.

” Finally, I asked her what the best part in being a teacher was. Her answer to my last question almost brought me to tears, because she said to this to our class right before we graduated. She said that, “I think that the best part in being a teacher is when a time would come and your students would hug you and whisper, ‘Miss, I made it! ’” And until now, I look forward to the day when I can finally whisper those words to her; my inspiration, my teacher, Mrs. Romalyn Arenas.

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