My Perfect College

Lina Abdo Sept. 18, 2012 Period 4A My Perfect College My perfect college has to have all of the things I want in it. It has to be a university with a great medical and health program.

Also, it has to be located near a beach and city, and have plenty of school spirit. These attributes would make my dream college a perfect place to learn because it would be very connected campus-wide and be a fun and safe environment for students. A great medical program is essential for me because pharmacy is the field I want to major in (as of right now).Like the University of Maryland Baltimore County, my perfect college needs to have a School of Pharmacy because that would give me a better learning experience in the field. It is a building solely for the purpose of studying pharmacy and it was built to give students who were interested in it a place to learn about that field. Since my career choice is to be a pharmacist, my perfect college has to have this building so I could get more learning opportunities in this job field. So, it’s very important that my dream college has a pharmacy school or an equally great medical program.Also, my perfect college has to have a great mascot filled with energy, enthusiasm, and a lot of spirit.

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At Oakland Mills, everyone has school spirit, from the teachers to the students to the parent volunteers. They all show it by wearing orange and black, going to football and basketball games, and just having OM pride. Spirit is needed in my college so it can be an uplifting place where students would want to study at.

At sporting events, if our team is losing, we should still be cheering and the mascot should be jumping around and having fun. The mascot needs to make people laugh, smile, and boost their spirits if they are down.School spirit is important so everyone can feel connected with each other and so people want to actually learn classes at that school. My dream college should be close to the city, near the beach, and not far from home. If it is close to the city, I can have easy accessibility to the mall, restaurants, stores, cafes, and other places I might want to go. When I do not have any classes, I could go into the city with friends and have a good time while enjoying what the city has to offer. A college located near the beach would be absolutely perfect because it would be a nice place to have some alone time or have fun with friends.

If the city ever gets to be too much, I could go to the beach and read a book, relax, swim, or just lay down and enjoy the warmth of the sun and ocean view. Family is important to me, so my college needs to be near home where I could stay close to them. On weekends or days when I don’t have any classes, I could go home and spend time with my parents. If I went to a college thousands of miles away, my homesickness would be too strong and I would probably come home within two weeks. Those are reasons why I need a college in that perfect location with those specific surrounding areas.

An educational but fun school describes my dream college perfectly. A great medical program to ensure that I learn everything about pharmacy would definitely be included in this school. The location would have to be just right, so that I could have a good time, relax, and see my family. Finally, school spirit is the most important attribute because it makes the school; spirit defines it. Everyone needs to feel connected, be supportive, and represent the school.

If one college had all the aspects I want in it, that would be my dream college and I would definitely go there. As of now, UMBC is okay with me.

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