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Last updated: May 26, 2019

My Presentation Experience Obviously this is not my first time doing a presentation. But this is the first time I have a group to discuss with. I was delighted when my team mate asked me to be the head presenter. It clearly showed they had confidence in me.

But I was also very nervous. After all, this wasn’t a presentation in front of my own class mate, but with other student. What’s more, Mr Erroy would be in the audience, expecting the best from me and my team. Luckily, though, I had seven weeks to prepare. This was important to me, because I wanted to have everything covered.

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I wasn’t going to leave things to the last moment Before we did the first presentation, we decided on a topic about History of Transportation and separated our work so that everyone has different parts to do. I was doing the Aviation History. Mr Erroy told us to be more specified. As our topic is wide.

I found out that the first flying object was the hot air balloon by the Montgolfier brothers. Then in 1903 The Wright Brothers invented and fly the first engine airplane. With the facts in place, I wrote a first draft of my presentation.

The length was five minutes, and I wasn’t at all sure how many words would fill this time frame. So I put down everything I wanted to say, and read it aloud. Half-way through reading aloud, I stopped. I wasn’t happy because I felt I was rushing to meet the five minute deadline. I also wasn’t convinced that I was communicating in a suitably calm and professional manner.

This may seem as though I was worrying unnecessarily. But I knew I needed to build up my confidence otherwise I didn’t think I could step up to the podium when the big moment arrived.I therefore set up a video camera in my living room, and addressed it as though it were the audience. Once I had finished, I felt things had gone well.

I don’t find it easy watching myself on video, but I plugged the camera into the TV and ran through my dummy run of the presentation. After a couple of minutes, I began to take notes, because it was clear that some of my text didn’t flow as well as it could. I really can’t recommend this method of preparation enough.

Standing in front of a video camera and pretending to be at the conference it was great.The experience built my confidence: highlighted problems with the points I was making and the style in which I was communicating them; and enabled me to meet the time frame. When we were doing the presentation, all of the student and Erroy was looking at us, my team mate and I were a bit nervous. One of group member before us, were able to present fluently without looking at the notes. When it came to my turn I had forgotten something that I wanted to say.

In conclusion I would say this is a new experience for me to work in a team


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