My Role in Creating a Peaceful World

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Last updated: March 16, 2019

Writer: Michael Lam My role in creating a peaceful world My idea of a peaceful world is a world free from terrorists, where people put aside their differences and live together as one. People help others in times of needs without the thought of any returns. Most importantly, the idea of a peaceful world in my opinion is everyone being happy. Growing up in a broken family, I was often unhappy due to fights that took place between my parents all the time. This created a bad habit for me to lock my door at home constantly and also lose my temper easily.This would contribute to another idea of my opinion on creating a peaceful world. I believe every adult must be educated on marriage about how their negative actions will affect their children.

Actually, the real topic of this writing is what I believe will build a peaceful society. My scope is the planet that we share called Earth. Planet Earth has the potential to be a wonderful world despite what we see going on in the planet now. The potential for a “peaceful” world is real.The first thing that we must do as part of human civilisation is to accept the fact and cultivate the mode of peace in ourselves. I also see the whole human race as my family.

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I try my best to work on this everyday and I know it is not easy, but I have made great strides and I encourage all others to follow suit. Of course, nobody is perfect and although this essay is on my role in creating a peaceful world, I believe that the first person who needs fixing is me. I try my very best to control my mind and engage in peaceful thoughts.I believe that every human being is unique and special and has the right to live in peace no matter where they are or their beliefs.

I bear in mind that as I need to breath, eat, drink to maintain my health and stay alive, other human beings like me will also have these same basic needs and I have no right to deprive any of these things from anyone else. I will try to aid anyone in need of these things as long as it does not harm myself or others in the process, and I will also encourage others to do the same.I believe that creating a peaceful world begins with the influential people with power that others see as role models.

The reason for this is that often when we see our leaders fighting, violence is glorified and sensationalized, and this, I believe, poses a challenge to creating a peaceful world. The influential people like politicians of the world should step up and lead the way by their actions. As the old saying goes, “What great men do the common man will follow”. There are many other factors that challenge the creation of a peaceful world, for example, lust, anger, beliefs, and so on.Lust is an extremely terrible enemy of the mind. There is lust for people and lust for objects.

The main point is that lust that is not fulfilled might lead to anger and eventually to violence if it is not corrected. In my opinion, people should be taught and encouraged to desire only what they need, and want things that would benefit their life and the lives of others after proper consideration. In this case, there are always a group of people throwing away food on a daily basis while another group is starving.As time goes by, all the factors challenging the creation of a peaceful world becomes a habit of many of the current adults in this generation. In fact, I believe that creating a peaceful world should begin with the younger generation, youth in particular. Youths are easier to convince as they have less exposure to personal experiences, whether positive or negative. I believe that if a person of a younger age is educated properly, these values would be with him throughout his entire life and he would also have more chances to influence others.

Thus, my role in creating a peaceful world should start by correcting myself as I have stated in the previous paragraphs. This should also be applied to every other living being, regardless of age and status. As a youth, I would only have the power to influence my social circle and not the entire world. This is why I believe my role in creating a peaceful world begins by spreading my theory on what I think, and for this to be effective, every citizen of this planet, regardless of age, race or religion would have to put in their effort, and together as one, we can create a peaceful world.


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