My name, Sydney , has little story behind it but does have meaning to my family and I. my first name was chosen on October 8th, 1995, my birthday. With names flying in the hospital room, I can’t imagine how someone could have thought of such a perfect name! And out of all the chaos, came a BEAUTIFUL NAME, Sydney. My grandpa had chosen it because of the energy of the name, and the beauty.

Immediately, the family agreed. My name would be Sydney.My middle name, ******, was brought down and taken after the two Mary’s on my mom’ side and the one Mary on my dad’s side. All three witty and wise women. They wanted to pass down the name, but give it a unique twist of its own. Instead of Mary, they’d name me Marie.

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My middle name has the most meaning to me because it was chosen by three great women with much character and poise. Finally, my last name, **. **had been modified, mispronounced, and misspelled during the time of WWII , as my grandfather fought.As a soldier, my grandfather had been through, and seen more, than a young man could have imagined. “**”.

Was a common name among the German Soldiers, and an honor to have as a name today. Through the many years that **has been carried in my family, unfortunately, I am the last **. When I get married, and accept a new last name, **will die with my parents. Although the name will die with my parents, I will still, and forever be a **.

Author: Homer Brooks


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