Nando's Report

This proposal is commissioned by the managing director of Nando’s UK (David Niven), which is the Portuguese chicken chain restaurant founded in 1987 from South Africa, soon afterwards, it has spread over 26 countries(Erasmus,2008). UK has suffered from the recession since the April 2008, which was performed in the decrease (4. 9%) of total outcome (Schifferes , 2009). In particular, the situation is getting worse due to the rising of unemployment rate (Gregg, 2009). He figured out in this recession the rate has increased dramatically during the period between 5.

% in July 2008 to 7. 3% in April 2009(ibid, 2009), and with some other inspectors pointed out it will reach the peak in 2010 at 10% (Schifferes , 2009).Nevertheless, the Nando’s has committed to his employees, there would be no redundancies, and no salary reduces and would pay bonuses as usual as the response to the recession (2008). The purpose of this proposal is to figure out how the Nando’s can keep out of the fair of recession, moreover, the consequences will be come up with analysis of following statements: • To identify the customer base of Nando’s. To identify how to investigate the influence of the shrink in the economy on Nando’s. • To identify what method you would adopted to analyse the strategies that Nando’s has implemented to ensure that adapt to the change in the economy.1.

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