The Nature Versus Nurture Debate

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Last updated: February 9, 2019

One of the controversies that have found its way into several disciplines today is the Nature vs Nurture debate (Hellmann, Hal, 1998.). This debate does not leave the school system out of the picture. When this debate is related to the educational system, one of the things that we discuss is if the standard school system is doing enough to consider and develop the innate talents and abilities of students or are they merely concerned with stuffing their heads with whatever they want to teach them?Although the school system is doing considerably well in its effort to prepare students for their societal roles, it is not putting some things into consideration. The recent No Child Left Behind policy can be said to be a welcomed development. However, the school system, if governed by the same people who use the same idea and ideal, would still go round in circles.

The standard school curriculum only recognizes academic skills and student’s intelligence are measures on this standard (Webb, 2000). One thing thatThe standard school system does not recognize nonacademic skills (Webb, 2000). Thus, there is a measure used to rate intelligence and this is centered on academics. An example of this is the rule in the standard school system that grades should determine the participation of students in sports. The standard school system has to recognize the place of individual differences – in abilities and aptitude. Every child wants to learn, be recognized and excel in life (Webb 2000). However, not all of us would become doctors and lawyers; not all of us would end up as educators and professional in the corporate world.

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The school system should identify the individual uniqueness of every child and use that as an impetus to drive such a student to success.Summarily, I am not saying that education is not necessary. What I am saying is that instead of operating a curriculum that would lock these students with lower academic abilities out, the standard school system should give room for these students to discover themselves.Reference:Webb, R. (2000). Teaching Young Students to be Failures. Retrieved on October 19, 2008 from Mindtools.

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