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Last updated: March 9, 2019

The National basketball association is the worlds premiere basketballs association. Basketball players from around the world come to showcase their talent on the NBA’s stage. The sport of basketball is played by people of all ages, sexes, and races especially the youth.

The youth of all nations have grown found to the sport of basketball and the NBA has inspired many young kids to follow their dreams and become NBA players as they hope to win NBA championships and and NBA honors such as the most valuable player award(MVP).In the past the NBA has drafted exceptional high school players into the league but that has changed as the NBA modified their regulations to say for all draft picks to be at least 19 years of age and have spent a year out of high school. This regulation directly sends high school players to at least a year of college meaning a year away from their dreams of being a NBA player.

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From their controversy arises as the question is asked should the NBA draft high school players?I say no I believe the NBA should not draft high school, however there are pros and cons to both sides of the argument and there are NBA players that are proven examples of both sides of the argument. Dumornay 2 Even though There are “disaster stories of players entering the N. B. A. draft from high school and failing spectacularly.

But as tragic as these stories are, they are the exception. A study by Michael McCann, a professor at Vermont Law School who is an expert on sports and legal issues, found that f the 21 high school players who declared for the draft from 1975 to 2001, four became superstars—Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant, Jermaine O’Neal, and Tracy McGrady—and only four never made it to the N. B. A. The results were similar with those drafted from the classes of 2002 through 2005, when the ban was put in place: Of the 26 players drafted, 20 were still playing through last season and three have become superstars: Amar’e Stoudemire, Dwight Howard, and LeBron James.

” – Buzz Bissinger Author, Friday Night Lights.So it is proven that players out of high school could be just as successful as players who go to play in college before they enter the NBA. These high school players want to chase their dreams as soon as possible and see the rule of waiting a year after high school as cruel and unfair. They see the rule as an obstacle stopping them from chasing their dreams and having financial security. The fact that one year can be so unpredictable players would like to sign their blockbuster contracts straight out of school avoiding any injuries or accident that can prevent them from being drafted.

Its true these 18 year old kids have responsibilities to their families and to themselves to be successful in their trade. So they ask what makes it right for the N. B.

A to to take those rights away from them. Some say the fact the high school students were allowed to follow their dreams right after high school made the sport even more attractive especially more attractive the the National football league which requires at least three years of collegiate play to be eligible for the draft. Those who are Dumornay 3 against the rule say the rule has no substantial support behind it being that the N.B. A best player and most prominent star was drafted straight out of high school. Yes its true Lebron James is labeled the best player in the N. B.

A well the best player in the world and he was drafted out of high school in the 2003 draft and has excelled ever since. Viewed as the Michael Jordan of his time Lebron James was a 18 year old six foot eight inches small forward out of St. Vincent-St. Mary’s High school in Akron, Ohio who would be the number one overall pick in 2003 draft as he was taken by the Cleveland Cavaliers.Lebron James gave the city of Cleveland and the Cavaliers life as they now had the most promising young player. And today Lebron James is the face of the N. B.

A he well represents the N. B. A as being well mannered and everything a N. B. A mega star could be. However not everyone is as lucky and gifted as Lebron James for that reason the rule is in place. Many times high school players who got straight to the N.

B. A with no college play have the outcome of being draft bust. As there promise never came to reality and become a bad picture for the N.B.

A as an organization. These immature 18 year old kids become burdens for the N. B. A. They become wild teens with large amounts of money and endless possibilities of getting in trouble. These teens misrepresent the N. B.

A some have been on the cover of news stands for outrageous incidents they’ve partaken in , some can’t handle media pressure and let emotions overwhelm them some quite frankly can’t speak proper english in interviews. The policy of draft picks required to be out of high school is established to prevent these antics.Its to encourage these players to go play college ball in the Dumornay 4 National Collegiate Athletic Association to prepare them for the league. The NCAA prepares players for many essential things draft picks will need to be successful in the N. B.

A. They will be further educated young men with experience of playing on a big stage not just the high school stage. They will know how to handle media and most importantly they will know how to conduct themselves as young men. The NCAA is much more disciplinary then the N. B.A so college players have a sense of urgency in knowing what to do and what not to do to stay out of trouble.

If every draft pick gains the maturity needed in college then when they get to league they will be ready for the N. B. A stage. The N.

B. A states “the N. B. A. ‘s minimum-age requirement for players seeking to be drafted is, quite simply, good business for the league. The policy, which requires that a player be at least 19 and a year beyond the graduation of his high school class, is designed to make sure N. B.

A. eams use their extremely valuable draft picks to acquire the players most likely to improve their teams’ performance. Before the current rule took effect in 2005, our teams had no choice but to evaluate high school players who had never competed at an elite level. Evaluating young talent in any sport can be extremely difficult; by increasing the minimum entry age, we gave teams at least one year to evaluate players in a more competitive setting. That can be in college, in the N. B. A. Development League, or in an international league.

In those settings, players have the opportunity to mature as well, making them better able to deal with rigorous playing and travel schedules in the N. B. A. While a few N. B. A.

-ready players have emerged right out of high school, it still took them time to grow their game. Most high school stars aren’t ready to play in the N. B. A. Between 1995 and 2005, nine high school players who entered the draft went unpicked; if they had planned for a basketball life between high school and the N. B. A. , they might have been in a better position to succeed in the draft the following year, or to succeed in life.

We believe that requiring an additional year beyond high school strikes a fair balance between the needs of our teams and the desire of young athletes to begin their professional careers as soon as possible. The policy has improved players’ chances for success and made our league stronger. ”- David Stern N. B. A. Commissioner To conclude although there are both pros and cons to the N. B.

A policy of draft picks being required to be the minimum age of 19 and out of high school for at least a year is a reality. And stands as the N. B. A’s most controversial rule. I believe the N. B.A made the right call in implementing the policy. I say so because overall the pros overwhelm the cons.

If a player has the opportunity to improve his education, his maturity, and his readiness for the next level then he should absolutely take the opportunity and that is exactly what the NCAA offers to the high school players. If I was an N. B. A general manager I would feel better about a player who spent a year playing college ball knowing he is more prepared for the N. B. A than a year ago.

I believe the policy is made in the best interest of the players. The average N. B. A player’s career is 4. years long and this policy aims to produce better prepared players who are ready to take the N. B. A by storm and live up to their promise and most importantly have a longer career than 4.

8 years. The policy is placed to prevent N. B. A teams from picking a Kwame Brown who was the number one pick in 2001 and since then has just been a failure. Kwame Brown came straight out of high school and was never given the chance to develop his game and had a bad career as his paycheck drove him away from the gym. He was a disappointment as he would get suspended often and always in controversy. With this policy there will not be another Kwame Brown.


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