You Are Never Too Old to Learn

Do you agree with “You Are Never Too Old To Learn? ” I really agree with the saying” You are never too old to learn” due to several reasons. First, New Knowledge and Technology is frequently up-date day by day that old people could not know all about it. Apart from this, in our countries about 60% of people don’t know how to use such a computer or internet. This is not only old people that cannot catch up with this hi-tech, but also young people. So, we have to learn. Otherwise, we will live behind the development.

Moreover, age just determines the state of human life and physical development, but knowledge does not increase by age if we don’t learn. Furthermore, there is no rule that say old people cannot learn, but everyone can learn if they want to improve their knowledge. The more people learn, the more they know. On the other hand, many firms and employers don’t employ people base on age, but they need the intelligent, knowledge and experienced people to work for them. As you can see, in our school not only young people that can be the students, but also old people.Do you know why? It’s because of Education has no limit and does the people.

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In addition, sometimes old people may learn faster than young people because they have more experience in real life and deep thought with high analysis on event or situation. Thus, people want to improve their Education even they are old or young. All in all, in my opinion, I think age is not a problem for the entire learner.

No matter they are old or young is not important, but their intention to learn is valued.

Author: Tracey Mcgee


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