Nike Defies Gravity

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Last updated: June 4, 2019

Gravity Doesn’t Exist I want to be like mike.

If I buy his shoes, clothes, and tapes I could be the best basketball player to ever live. Advertisements usually give you the idea that you can have everything if you purchase certain products. The Nike ads featuring Michael “Air” Jordan advertisements are no different from this. The ad’s take advantage of today’s Photoshop technology and give you the picture that of Jordan, a popular icon from the NBA, and show him being a great athlete.They also use simple words to make Jordan look like he can defeat gravity by poking fun at Isaac Newton, and message they send says you can too defeat gravity if you wear Nike. When you look at this advertisement the first thing you might notice is that the picture is in black and white. They blacked out the background to put more focus on Jordan.

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The words are in white so they stick out the most, and the size of the words takes up most of the picture. The words are that big because that is what advertisers want you to focus on the most.To the left you will see Michael Jordan, but not in just any pose.

He is in the air about to dunk, and looks like an amazing basketball player. He is also in black and white, and his jersey sticks out. His jersey is a well known jersey, but also parts of Jordan’s muscles are in white because of lighting. This lighting was done on purpose, and put there to show Jordan as a strong figure. The Nike logo is also in the picture.

It is small, and in white. It’s placing is off center to the left. It may be the brand for the advertisement, but it isn’t what they want you to look at immediately.The actually words in the picture say, “Michael Jordan 1, Isaac Newton 0”, and this is just a joke. The joke still maintains its point because the picture is painted for you by saying Michael Jordan can defeat gravity. Isaac Newton discovered gravity. It’s obvious that Michael Jordan could dunk, and he could jump higher than most in the league at that point in his career. I mean you don’t get the nickname Michael “Air” Jordan for nothing.

I explained earlier how the Nike logo was small, but this is all for a reason. You don’t look at the logo right away because it’s too small if you compare it to the rest of the picture.Advertisers want you to look at the picture first and wonder how you can be like Michael Jordan. If you like the advertisement you are going to wonder which company the ad is for. The weird thing is there are actually no Nike products in the picture. They are literally selling shoes without having to show them. This advertisement is simple, but its message can be interpreted in a million different ways. You could think that this advertisement doesn’t have to have the product in the picture because it is selling you a dream.

It is selling athletes a dream that you can be amazing like “His Airiness” if you buy Nikes’ Air Jordan shoes. On the other hand, NBA fans knew who Jordan was because his constant championships made him a need to know player in the game. Michael Jordan was a winner, and in America everyone loves a winner. Even people that didn’t play basketball bought his shoes because of how popular he was. Also, this advertisement just puts Michael Jordan on a whole other pedestal by saying he can defy the elements. I want to defy the elements of gravity and dunk, so I will buy Nike.

The point of any advertisement is to sell the product, and it sure did its job. The advertisement by Nike promoting Air Jordan shoes is complex if you break it down. In the picture everything is put there in a certain position for a reason, and the slogan on the ad says more than just a pun. The simpler the message, the more broad of a message it can send. It is vague and anyone can take it however they want. Nike didn’t need to give you a lot to work with to sell its product.

Buy Nikes’ Air Jordan shoes and you could defy the laws of gravity.


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