Northern Napa Valley Winery, Inc.

Being known for the specialty wines of the Northern Napa Valley Winery, Inc.

is a good way of positioning its brand to the market. However, it did not work satisfactorily for the revenues of the company because of its small quantity production. Thus, in order to respond to the needs of the company, it began to include a red table wine on one of its sectors. And it had been a vital key holder of the revenue of the company that sustains its operations. It basically gets its resources from the excess of the specialty wines at first, but since it works well in the market, the company decided to put up its own plant in order to increase the productivity of the red table wine. Because of having its own plantation, excess for manufacturing the product have increased its number and the winery had to sell the excess to other companies since it will not generate money if it will not circulate in the market.

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However, there are difficulties for the prospect buyers to purchase the excess in the sense of branding.The case needs the decision of the major shareholder and Chief Executive Officer of the Northern Napa Valley Winery, Inc., Patricia Quintana. It is about the offer of the TransContinental Company on purchasing all the excess grapes of the winery. However, this initiated a thorough and extensive evaluation of the winery’s annual report because of the discrepancies it had. The main point is that how the CEO will come up of a good report to serve as the basis of how much quantity will they sell to the TransContinental Company.

And a comparison of the forecasts with regard to the monthly and annual data should be considered.ReferenceBell, Peter. (1998). “Northern Napa Valley Winery, Inc.”, Richard Ivey School of Business. Ivey Management Services.



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