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Last updated: February 4, 2019

Ok so the beginning of my eight grade year at Northwood’s Park Middle in Jacksonville. The student board got the whole class together for a trip to Kings Dominion in Deswell, Virginia. We did a bunch of fundraisers because aint nobody have the money like hat.

But anyway we had just got a new principle and she wanted everybody to bond so we planned this trip. I remember seeing the big busses you know with the TV’s and bathroom. It was off the chain; that was the first time any of us was about to ride in one and everybody was ready.Before leaving Jacksonville we stopped to Wal-Mart so everybody could rack up on what they wanted so we wouldn’t have to stop but for gas or something. After everybody got done getting what they wanted we got on the road. All I could hear was my goons rapping and everything.

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It was kind of like seeing a whole bunch of crack heads tripping out but I was right with them. It was mad fun and even the teachers were joining in with us. About an hour and a half later everybody had came off their high and was knocked out everywhere.Generally it takes four hours to get to Virginia but the man driving the bus took a bunch of wrong turns and it wound up taking eight. But that s okay we all voted to stop to golden corral curtsey of the new principle. I guess she was trying to buy her way in the circle or something.

After everybody finished grubbing we got back on the road. About an hour and half later we were finally in Virginia. We checked into a hotel and they put everybody into groups. There were 8 people to a room all girls and all boys. We tried to convince them to let us be mixed but they knew were some little nasties so that wasn’t going to happen at all.The teachers let everybody go to the pool until ten and then it was lights out. I thought they were going to be chill with it but they actually put tape on the doors and this little stick at the bottle it was so funny.

I bet they took a lot of time trying to think of ways to know if we had left or not. Not like any of us had planned on leaving anyway; shoot we were all tired aint nobody have time or feel like playing games late at night. You save all that for when we get into the amusement park. The next morning we decided we weren’t going to eat breakfast. That would be bad thing anyway; you know eat a lot and then go ride some roller coasters. I don’t think so!!!!! But yea we put on our school tee-shirts and shorts so there would be no way any of us would be lost. It was crazy because our school colors were black and blue but they had made us were bright green with the school logo and our names on the back.

But whatever there was no way we wouldn’t be seen. The principle was going to make us all have to stay with a teacher but they decided to have faith in us and let us go in groups of six. And two people in each group had a waterproof phone with all the teachers’ numbers on speed dial.The teachers went together and had fun; I thought that was really a good idea.

Everybody gets to bond with each other. And every hour and a half everybody would meet back in the food area so they could count all of us. My group included me my two best friends and our boyfriends. The first ride we went on was the standup roller coaster. I looked scary but it really wasn’t I had fun. We actually rode it like two or three more times. The 2nd one I will never forget. It was The Superman rode; it had just been built and I was so excited.

We got up there thinking it was going to be a regular Sitting roller coaster and we were soooo wrong. Yea so we get buckled in and all that; then the man at the little control station asks was everybody ready and stated all the rules. I was scared out my head.

He pushed the button to start the ride and our seats start moving. Oh no I was thinking the whole time as we were getting adjusted my eyes were closed. I didn’t want to see what they were doing with us. Curious I opened my eyes slowly just to see that I was now on my stomach and moving up the ramp very slow.

My stomach was turning; I am terrified of heights and the bars were so close to me that I could reach out and touch them. I knew at that moment I was going to die and there would nothing me or anybody else could do. After all I was strapped down like my life depended on it and now I know why. God why did I let my friends convince me to go on a ride they had just built. We were all most to the very top and I was on the 1st row. My life started flashing before my eyes and I looked to my friends and told them that I loved them and sorry for beating some of them up.

And that if I didn’t make it to tell my mom’s I loved her too. All they did was laugh but I was dead serious I don’t want to die like that you know. Here we go the clicking stopped and we were about to go down at a 90 degree angle; I’m looking at death straight in the face. The man on the intercom says we should all should stretch our arms out like were flying.

I think I was probably the only one on the stupid ride that didn’t have their arms out. No mine were locked on my little hand bar; my hands started hurting I was holding it so tight. Down we go and I swear I was cussing in Swahili, English, pig Latin all that.We went into all types of swirls, back up, went up then did a batman turn and it put us on our back and we were looking at the sky. I hated it so much but that wasn’t nothing compared to what I was about to go through.

We were just cruising but something to me to look up ahead. There was this tunnel and then it takes you under water but threes fire right before the tunnel. At that point I made up in my that there was no way I was going to make it. One I’m claustrophobic and we were about to go in a small ass pitch black tunnel; and two we’re going under water and I can’t swim worth a damn.So yea I wasn’t happy at all.

Ok were coming up on the fire and about one second before we actually hit it the fire goes out and were in the tunnel. It didn’t make a difference whether you had your eyes closed or opened because you couldn’t see anything if you wanted to. And I actually like that way for a little why only because I couldn’t see what was about to happen to me. Then I started hearing the water so I knew we were coming up on it. I dreaded the thought of the ocean; I mean are these people trying to give a girl a heart attack.They could’ve gave somebody and heads up saying basically “YO IF YOU GET ON THIS RIDE YOUR RISKING THROWING UP (so don’t eat anything), BURNING ALIVE (if the flame don’t go out in time), AND DROWNING (if you can’t hold your breath long enough).

And I tell you right now I if I would’ve known this prior I wouldn’t have laid an eye on this dumb ride, out here trying to kill somebody. Taking in a whole lot of breath we go under water, I can’t see anything and I’m running out of air because I’m panicking a little bit. Water is going up my nose, my ears are popping and I swallowed like a ton of water.

We finally come out the water and I can see the people waiting in line. Yes I’m alive I thought to myself; we come back to a stop and our seated go back seating regular. I don’t even remember what the man said at the end as he unlocked our seat belts. I jumped out the seat and got as far away from there as I could. My eyes were burning and I was soaking wet.

I looked at my friends and told them I wasn’t getting on anything else. We went back to the hotel later on that day and then decided as a class that we had enough fun today. To this day I will never get on that ride again.


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