Novotel Back Ground

Novotel Hotel Background Novotel Novotel is one of a number of hotel chains owned by the French hotel group Accor. Novotel hotels are found throughout the world. Novotel has taken comprehensive steps to prove its commitment to the environment. In July 2007 it signed a partnership agreement with EC3 Global, to provide Green Globe certification.

Novotel: the brand that respects the environment. Since its creation 40 years ago, the chain has evolved, anticipated its clients’ expectations, and introduced innovations regarding well-being, comfort and sustainable development.Concern for the environment is part of Novotel’s DNA. The brand is pursuing its long-range commitment within the framework of the Accor Group’s Earth Guest program. It is focusing on three areas of endeavor: establishing construction standards, ensuring that staff and employees practice sustainable development on a daily basis, and getting hotels guests to feel concerned and involved.

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To affirm its operational commitment, Novotel signed a partnership agreement in July 2007 with Green Globe, the international environmental certification program for responsible travel and tourism.Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square The Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square is a 4 star hotel in the vibrant centre of Bangkok. With 429 well appointed rooms, this is the perfect destination for both business trips and holidays. Market Share Guests can relax by pool, in one of our 5 bars, or be tempted by the delicious choices available in our 3 restaurants, while our conference facilities are perfect for meetings and functions. Close to transport, entertainment and shopping, the hotel is ideally located [pic] What is Your Hotel’s Market Share and Market Penetration?First there was Occupancy Percentage (Total Rooms Occupied divided by Total Rooms Available for Rent) and Average Daily Rate (Total Rooms Revenue divided by Total Rooms Occupied) as the hotel’s base measurements of success. Then along came RevPar (Total Rooms Revenue divided by Total Rooms Available for Rent). Now that we have grasped the importance of this measurement, we have Market Share and Market Penetration also as a tool to gauge our hotel’s Marketing success. What is Market Share? Market Share is the number of rooms in our hotel as a percentage of the rooms in our hotel’s competitive market set.

Market Set is the total number of rooms we are in direct competition with, within our area’s market and/or segment. Assume: We are a full-service, 200-room Holiday Inn. Our Market Set is other full-service hotels that we are in direct competition with–i. e. , Ramada Inn, Hilton Inn, etc. Not included in the market set would be high-end–Hyatt and Marriott–or the lower end of the market segment of limited-service, such as Super 8 or Motel 6. A survey of the area reveals the total rooms of our competitive Market Set are 1,000. Our Holiday Inn (200 rooms) divided by Total Market Set (1,000) equals our Market Share of 20%.

As upper mid-priced, full-service hotels are added or leave our Market Set, or our room count is adjusted, our Market Share percentage will change. The larger the Market Share percentage, the bigger player we are in the market. What is Market Penetration? Market Penetration is the percentage of demand for rooms actually accruing to our Holiday Inn.

It is calculated as the ratio between the Total Rooms Occupied in our hotel against the Total Rooms Occupied collectively attributed to our hotel’s Market Set. Assume: |1. Research of our competitive Market Set of |Step One: |1,000 rooms revealed an average aggregate Market|Total Market Set of rooms = 1,000  | |Occupancy of 70%. |Market Occupancy = 70%  | | |365 days = Total Rooms Occupied  | | |of the Market Set 255,500 our Market Share = 20%  | | |= our goal of Rooms Occupied we should be achieving | | |51,000 | |2.Our Holiday Inn is experiencing|Step Two:  | |occupancy of 65%.

|Convert our actual occupancy of 65% into | | |47,450 Rooms Occupied. Divide our actual | | |number of 47,450 Rooms Occupied by our goal of| | |51,000 Room Occupied, thus our Market | | |Penetration is 93%. | Not good. We must strive to be equal to or better than our competitors. Market Penetration must be at least 100%, and to be the leader in the Market Set, well over 100%.What is wrong? Location, fixed – no solution, signage may help. Wrong franchise–possible. Wrong data in determining the primary guest market.

Lack of marketing dollars to reach that primary market. Lack of management sales effort. Lack of sales tools. Wrong room mix. Old decor. Wrong amenity mix.

Unfortunate reputation. The list can go on. However, when certain key wrongs are corrected and the property achieves an occupancy of 82%, the Market Penetration will be 117. 4%, and possibly the leader of the pack! There are hotel management companies requiring a Market Penetration percentage each week from their otels as a measurement of the hotel’s total marketing success.

However, month-end monitoring seems reasonable, and we can even enroll in the Smith Travel Accommodations Report (STAR program), which will calculate and track our hotel’s Market Share and Market Penetration each month. To enroll in the STAR program, contact Smith Travel Research, 615/824-8664 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              615/824-8664      end_of_the_skype_highlighting, who will need from you:  1. Our list of competitive hotels in our Market Set (STR will obtain the occupancy of these competitive hotels from their parent chains); and 2.

Our Total Rooms Available for Rent and Total Rooms Occupied. Star Travel Research will only report the aggregate occupancy of our Market Set. They never release or divulge information on an individual property or chain. If we wish to calculate Market Penetration for ourselves, the key is obtaining our Market Set competitors’ occupancy. In certain cities, the Convention and Visitors Bureau collects the individual property data and disseminates the occupancy in requested Market Sets (not by individual hotels). In other locations, hotels share their occupancy percentages on a nightly and weekly basis.

And in other areas, the hotels are fierce competitors and share nothing. If that is our case, then count our competitors’ cars within our Market Set. We used to count closed windows draperies, but with room energy savings techniques, this is no longer accurate. Fellow AAHOA member Tek Chand of Augusta, Georgia, has car-counting down to a science within his portfolio of hotels.

He has either the Night Auditor count the competitors’ cars at 10:30 p. m. or the Evening Desk Clerk at the end of the previous shift. Then the car count (bus = 20 rooms) along with weather and special events, is recorded in his computer.His accuracy and confidence is well documented in that he will retain retired persons to count cars at hotels in various locations for up to a year prior to the building a new hotel and lenders have inquired to him as to hotel market conditions in specific locations. After we have obtained the occupancy data of our competitive Market Set, then we can complete the calculations.

Market Penetration graphically tells us how we measure up to our competition regardless of market conditions. SWOT Analysis |S |W |As Novotel belongs to the Accor company , which is a worldwide |Its main source of customers is fixed, most are businessman,high | |organization and has more than 40 years history ,it has an |price result in low flexibility of customers. | |extremely strong brand with lots of loyalty customers and |Its high cost causes limited quantity which means fixed location | |advertising. |that will affect its market share. | |Developing partnerships with major firms ,provide more convience |It’s managed by ACCOR,so sometimes there are conflicts about its | |to the customers.

management which affected by Thai policies. | |The reciuitment systerm has been well developted by Accor , it’s | | |more easier to get human resource. | | |The Novotel is supported by Accor which will provided a good | | |financing environment to help Novotel with the economic crisis. | |O |T | |1.

Demand between the national and the inbound tourists can be |1, Highly competition. | |easily managed due to difference in the period of holidays. For |In the last three decades, the number of hotel rooms has nearly | |international tourists the peak season for arrival is between |tripled! Thailand also will have to deal with stronger competition | |November to May. |from its neighbors. |2.

Take advantage of emerging markets, especially with business |2. Increased staff costs. | |class and mid-priced markets |It’s no wonder that employees represent the biggest portion of a | |3 In the long-term the hotel industry in Thailand has latent |hotel’s operating expenses.

| |potential for growth. This is because Thailand is an ideal |3. Political issue | |destination for tourists country |Political unstable make societal turmoil. | | |4.Financial Crisis | | |The financial crisis of 2007 to the present was triggered by a | | |liquidity shortfall in the United States banking system. t. People | | |willing to stay home | | |rather than go travel.

| Why we choose to do perceived value of Novotel hotel ; resorts.We choose Novotel hotel because is the one of the famous hotel in Thailand and Novotel hotel have many chain of hotel within Accor group. Tourists and business travelers is well know about Novotel hotel.

Novotel have 395 hotel ; resorts in 60 countries with 71,872 rooms and employs over 30,000 employees. Novotel hotel involved in the worldwide environmental and societal certification program Green Globe. Novotel have specious modular services, accommodation and facilities. For example – Free accommodation and breakfast for two children under the age of 16 sharing a room with their parents or grandparents. 50% reduction on a second room to accommodate children aged between 8 and 16, in more than 250 hotels around the world (depending on availability).

Welcome gifts, baby equipment available free of charge, play areas, healthy children’s menus, green spaces, swimming pools.References  http://www. watg. com

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