Nursing is neither a job nor a profession but a way of life – an impassioned way of life. Nursing has always and always will be the vanguard in health care, and nurses being the only healthcare workers helping patients every minute of every day; are crucial in the world’s healthcare system.Nursing is important in many ways and facets of life; nurses not only provide support and skilled patient care and contribute to their recovery and rehabilitation, many work outside a hospital or clinical institution in a number of functions, helping to promote healthy lifestyle habits by educating the sick and the general public on the prevention of injury, illness and disease. They help the sick and their families to understand, take stock and manage an assortment of mental, physical, emotional and cultural incidents and/or experiences they may meet.

No other certified worker within healthcare has such an extensive function.Nursing requires people who hold a strong and sincere yearning to help others and possess an inner tranquility and composure. Nurses need to be intelligent, inquisitive and have the ability to analyze data, look at different issues from a variety of viewpoints, determine risk and consequences and solve problems.

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Today’s nurses have faith in their own accumulated experience and first-hand knowledge; their interminable attendance and vigilance provide information and interpretation so that doctors are better equipped to provide accurate diagnoses and the best cure. Numerous lives have been saved by nurses who because they are always there, are able to detect and discriminate warning signs of impending crises and thus abate them.Nursing is more than important, it is vital in the provision of much needed healthcare and without nurses there would be no care or support for patients and their families, only treatment.



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