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Last updated: January 27, 2019

Without objective we cannot move forward. Objectives are the ba SCOPE AND IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY In a country where the economic and social inequalities are wide spread the importance of socio- economic status of women representatives in local bodies gained special importance.

A number of studies relating to women have been carried out by experts who show that womens work is not adequately recognized,recorded or rewarded .Concrete information towards economic development is not available. This indicates the basic weakness of a number of studies undertaken in this area. The exemplary paradigm of the capabilities of todays mother India is the women reservation bill, passed on 9 March,2010. Women Reservation Bill has given a vast scope to Indian women to display their proficiency in arena of politics.

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Now it seems that after scailing heights of success in every field, women have come forward to contribute to the politics to help the country grow. There are a number of studies dealing with all India pattern of women participation but not many concerning different regions. Very few studies have been addressed to examine women representation in local bodies.The present study is entirely based on local women on micro basis.

ckbone of the study. The Important objectives of the study are given below. 1.

status of representatives in local bodies. To know the socio- economic 2. Whether there is any improvement in the status of women through membership 3. An understanding of the the problems encountered by women members of local bodies


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