Observation of Coke

This science fair project was performed to find out if the acidity in Coca Cola can dissolve meat. Immersing the Steak, Chicken, and Hamburger Meat in Coca Cola over an extended period will or will not dissolve the meat. Coca Cola is a very acidic drink. Coca Cola is a popular carbonated beverage that is sold in more than 20 countries. The pH is a number showing the amount of hydrogen ions in a solution. pH stands for Potential Hydrogen. The scale ranges from 0-14.

Something with a pH level of 7 is totally neutral, neither acidic or basic.A pH level lower than 3 can give brain damage to people. The pH is expressed as moles of hydrogen ions per liter. A chemist Soren Sorenson made the pH system in 1909.

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Phosphoric acid is one of the acids in soda. This acid is very soluble in water and alcohol. It is made from phosphate and sulfuric acid. It also melts at 42. 4 Celsius. This acid is also helpful as a water softener. Citric acid is another acid in soda. It is a very weak acid, if it wasn’t it could take a couple teeth out.

Citric acid is in many fruits that are commonly known as citrus fruits like oranges.The Citric acid in fruit is what gives fruit sourness. It is also found that molds can produce this acid. This acid melts at 153 celseuis. Citric acid shares the same properties as carboxylic acid.

Citric acid is used for flavoring such as in soda. On average people drink about 56 gallons a year of Soft drink. Joseph priestly made the first carbonated drink. In 1772 a british scientist found a way to force carbon dioxide into water. This led to the soft drink industry. In the1820s saoda was first put in refillable bottles.

In 1905 the crown cap was first used for bottles.Coca cola is called the worlds greatest soft drink. John Pemberton made the original formula for coca cola.

He sold 25 gallons for $50. Their slogan was “Delicious and Refreshing. ” Soon he sold the business to a man named Asa Candler for $2,300 because of health. Candler made coke very popular in the United States. His slogan was “Nerve and Brain tonic. ” He advertised coke on calendars and many other things.

Mr. Candler didn’t like bottling but let a fountain owner do it so he could sell to people out of the city. Many tried to copy the drink.

In 1915 Asa hired a man to make a curved glass like a bell. In 1919 Candler sold Coca-Cola to a group of investors for $25 million. They elected Robert W. Woodruff as president of the company. In 1920 Woodruff had cola put in vending machines so people could get one for themselves.

In conclusion, soft drinks are consumed a lot during a year. Coke is a very well known soft drink. Phosphoric acid and citric acid are two of the acids in soda. pH levels vary from 0 to 14. As you can see there are different things people should know about soda and acid in general.

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