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Last updated: March 12, 2019

The Barangay is the basic unit of government here in the Philippines. According to the address of Senator Bongbong Marcos in Liga ng mga Barangay’s 1st General Assembly held at Heritage Hotel Manila, it is the soul of local government autonomy.

We are to select a barangay that is the beneficiary of our chosen project. We chose the Barangay Salinas 1, Bacoor City, in the province of Cavite, Philippines because last July 10,2013, several houses were burned that caused some families to become homeless. In the Barangay of Salinas 1, they belong to a first class municipality in terms of income.It is also convenient for them because SM City Bacoor is near the vicinity.

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The neighbourhood we entered is peaceful. I have also observed and learned that there are many town homes subdivision and there are two phases of Meralco Housing project located in this barangay. There is also an elementary school with covered court and children center in which the environment is conducive for learning. Good thing also is that there are trees in some household and there is also grass area. Local government officials are also working to improve their barangay.They posted accomplishment reports in their barangay hall to showcase their implemented projects like the constructing a waiting shed entitled: “Silungan ng mag-aaral umulan man o umaraw” headed by Sanguniang Kabataan. There are also some negative aspects or weaknesses in the barangay of Salinas 1.

One is that the barangay is beside a river so it is located in a flood plain. There will be occasional flood in the area especially if heavy rain continually pours. I also observed that small roads and less social interaction in the neighbourhood.The children and even some teens are just lurking in the streets. There is also less engagement that inherently creates a community who take pride and self-responsibility for what goes on in their neighbourhood and its outside appearance. The project I would like to propose is a leadership seminar for adults in the barangay ages 21 and above.

It is because while we were walking around the neighbourhood, I noticed that there is less interaction of people living in the neighbourhood. Through this project, it will allow people to resolve collective problems more easily.The community will be able to advance more smoothly. Sometimes, they won’t have to rely on local government to keep their infrastructure and the environment in tip-top shape. Another is for health and safety issues.

People should know how to take appropriate actions in any situation especially that there was a fire that killed a five-year old boy. And lastly, for the importance of community dialogue. Every barangay needs leaders who understand the importance of public discourse and civic conversations who can also connect with the local officials.


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