The One Day of the Year

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Last updated: February 12, 2019

Assessment 3: Text Analysis- “The One Day of The Year” “The One Day of The Year” was set in Australia, in the 1960’s. It explores the universal theme of Father- Son conflict against the background of the beery haze and the heady, nostalgic sentimentality of Anzac Day.It is a play to make us question a standard institution, but it is the likeability and genuineness of the characters that give the play its memorable qualities: Alf, the nobody who becomes a somebody on this day of days; Mum, the anchor of the family; Hughie, their Son, with all the uncertainties and rebelliousness of youth; and Wacka, the Anzac, with his simple, healing wisdom. There are many topics to be discussed in the play and I have chosen to discuss and explore the generation gap between Alf and Hughie.Alf and Hughie’s relationship from living in different generations will be the issue discussed and explored in the text analysis. Their differences, mainly their opinions from the generation gap were completely different, and strongly argumentative.

Not only was this affecting thier relationship, but was tearing their family apart, all because of their opinionated views about Anzca Day and who and how it should be celebrated. For example; In the play “The One Day of The Year” Alf says in Act Two, Scene 1 “Well, you know what day this is. This used to mean somethn’n’ once. I’m proud to be a bloody Australian.If it wasn’t for men like my old man this country’d never bin heard of. They put Australia on the map they did, the Anzacs did.

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An bloody died doin’ it. Well, even a snotty- nosed little kid oughta be proud of that. Whats happened to him? Why isn’t Hughie? ” Not only did this speach start an argument between Alf and Hughie, but Mum aswell. Generation- and Generation Y are very different when it comes to Anzac Day. This is because Generation- grew up in the War, where as Generation Y only hear about it.

I believe this is why you see a mojority of old people at Anzac Day services, rather than young people.And this is probably why Hughie got sick of Alf going on and on about Anzac Day. For example; Hughie says in Act Two, Scene 3 “Because we’re sick of all the muck that’s talked about this day… the great national day of honour, day of memory day of salute to the fallen, day of grief.

.. It’s just one long grog- up. ” I believe, for Alf and Hughie to have had a good Father- Son relationship, Alf needed to let go of the past and accept the change of Australia and its peole, including his Son and keeping his opinions to him self. But I also believ that Hughie needed to ccept his Father’s passion and proudness for the Australian men that fought in the War.

Anzac Day is our identity and a symbol of Australia. We shouldn’t forget that. I understand that Hughie thought Anzac Day was all crap, especially the drunkness, but he should have been able to let his Dad have one day of the year, where he could celebrate and remember the men that died at War to save our country. The rest of the year Alf should have been sober a mojority of the time and made an effort to get along with his Son, forgetting the Yankee crap, but spending time with Hughie.


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