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Last updated: March 5, 2019

Online education is very different from the traditional way we pursue college degrees, when we were required to attend class everyday and be physically present in a particular class. However, with the advent of technology, getting a college degree has become more accessible.

On the other hand, learning using the internet, without a physical classroom and interacting with classmates and teachers through correspondence can be a new experience to anyone who has spent their lives in a traditional classroom. A key advantage of enrolling in an online degree is that we can work at our own pace, and usually have enough time to be employed and be able to earn a degree. However, working full time and studying through the internet is not an easy task.Without the benefit of face to face interaction and experiential learning, we have to spend more time digesting information and completing the requirements for each subject. Working full time would also mean that we won’t have the concentration and focus in learning our lessons as well as having to think about our job and the responsibilities that come with it. Thus to work full time and study online full time would take a superhuman effort.

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In high school we learned several study techniques that helped us learn information, transmit knowledge and be effective learners. The difference between traditional schooling and online learning is that we do not have the same level of interaction with our classmates and teachers that facilitated learning. In online learning we have to work basically on our own, with minimal interaction and we just work on materials in a module. Thus, skimming, scanning, surveying and questioning and reading are the best possible strategies to adopt while pursuing an online degree. These techniques are appropriate for solo learning and develop critical thinking skills.

Thus, if a students wishes to work and study at the same time, then he/she must know how to manage their time, adopt appropriate study skills and have immense motivation to work on each of the courses.


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