Organic Farming

Organic farming cannot feed the developing world It is argued that without pesticides and genetically modified crops, farming is not economically viable in the developing world. Non-organic farming allows you to farm land that would otherwise not be farmable. Yields are high and costs are low. However, there is a worry that intensive farming in these countries will destroy the fertility of the land and in the long run organic farming will secure the future for sustainable farming.Thesis statement: The United States can see organic food as a viable option because the production of organic food helps keep our water and soil clean, reduces health risk and helps keep our communities healthier. During the research, done on organic food being a viable option for consumers I learned that the cost of organic food is not as high as the consequences of consuming non-organic food.

In my research, I also learned that eating organic food could reduce the risk of disease caused by animal antibiotics and tap water. For many farmers, consumers, and investors, Organic Valley offers a model of food production on which to base twenty-first century agriculture. George Siemon, president and one of the founding farmers of the company, is bullish on the future of cooperative farming and business. “Our ownership structure makes us accountable to more than the bottom line,” he says. Farmers make a good living, rural economies are supported, the environment is respected, and our custoUnlike many of the large organic companies that are emulating the agribusiness approach to production by centralizing production and focusing strictly on profitability, Organic Valley is focusing on local economic development and sustainability.

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“Organic food can be transported 10,000 miles, but that is not sustainable,” says Siemon. “We are trying to bring organic back to its roots with a strong focus on regional production and building local economies. “mers get great tasting, healthy products.



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