Outback Steakhouse

Running Heading: Recruiting, Selection, and Retention: Outback Steakhouse Recruiting, Selection, and Retention: Outback Steakhouse Sheila Robinson Strategic Human Resource Management Sue Lowe May 12, 2011 Recruiting, Selection, and Retention: Outback Steakhouse Employee selection is a very important process in making an organization successful. Choosing the right employee can enhance other human resource functions within an organization. Because Outback Steakhouse has been very successful in hiring the right people it is now a $3. 5 billion company with 1,100 restaurants worldwide that employee over 65,000 employees. In this paper I will discuss how the employee selection methods at Outback Steakhouse help the organization achieve a competitive advantage. I will also discuss the importance of fit to Outback Steakhouse.

Then, I will evaluate Outback’s selection process including the order of selection methods such that applicants first complete an application then complete test, and then participate in interviews.Last, I will evaluate whether or not these selection methods are valid (Stewart & Brown, 2010). The employee selection process method at Outback Steakhouse helps the organization to achieve a competitive advantage because the process sends a realistic message to the individuals that are applying for the job. Applicants are given a complete picture of what to expect while being employed at Outback through a realistic job preview and a document called a Dimension of Performance.Outback’s realistic job preview provides applicants with details of the benefits and responsibilities of working in its organization.

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It also informs the applicant that once they are employed by Outback they are expected to take excellent care of others and how they will be held accountable for these actions (Stewart & Brown, 2010). The Dimension of Performance document provides the applicant with examples of the behavior expect of Outbackers.The document also shows how the vision of Outback is directly related to the behavior of their employees which is set at very high standards. After the applicant has gone through the first two phases of this process if they feel as if they want to continue then the application process will follow to determine if the applicant will be capable of performing job duties and be a long term fit for the organization. The successful applicants will move forward to be tested on knowledge, skill, ability and personality.

If applicants pass the testing phase they will be interviewed with questions that will determine if they will be a good fit with Outback’s culture, service mindedness, hospitality and teamwork. This rigorous selection process will help Outback Steakhouse to select the right individuals to provide a positive work experience with low turnover which helps to achieve a competitive advantage (Stewart & Brown, 2010). Job-base fit is very important in all organizations because it matches employee knowledge and abilities with the demand of a specific job.In an organization like Outback who is big on its culture organization-based fit would be more important. Organization-based fit is geared more toward how well the employee’s characteristics match the culture, values and norms of the organization. And employee’s personality, values and goals are more important than their skills.

Outback Steakhouse seeks employees who are accountable, kind, responsible, and value team work. Leaders at Outback understand the importance of recruiting employees who will fit well with the goals, values, and vision of the organization .This is why they do not hire marginal employees that will not be able to convey Outback’s commitment to it’s customers or stay long term with the company.

Also hiring the correct employees will help Outback Steakhouse to succeed in carrying out the vision and mission of its organization (Stewart & Brown, 2010). The selection process methods at Outback must fit well with the organizations overall human resource strategy. Three of the five steps used in Outback’s selection process is geared towards information gathering and testing of the applicants.After the applicant is give a realistic preview of the job the applicant has a choice of whether or not they want to proceed with the process. At this point the applicant will be asked to fill out an application which will provide information such as personal data, education, work experience and any special skills that they have. This information will then be reviewed to determine if the applicant will be able to perform the job duties required. Also it will be determine rom the application if the applicant will be able to fit into the culture of Outback and stay employed with the company for a lengthy period of time.

The application process can be used as an early screening device to capture potential fit that provides good measures of work experience and education that may help identify the applicants they may prove to be more dependable. To be considered as valid the job application should only contain data related to job performance (Stewart & Brown, 2010). Applicants who pass the application process moves on to the testing phase of the selection methods.These series of test includes cognitive ability, personality, and judgment testing which have been taken by existing employees at Outback. Cognitive ability test usual measures understanding, learning and the ability to problem solve by the applicant.

Cognitive test are inexpensive but are highly reliable and are good predictor of job performance. These tests have been useful for Outback by aiding them in determining who to hire and what their potentials the applicants have that will make them best suited for the organization long-tem strategies.Personality testing is used to measure emotions, patterns of thoughts and behavior. Personality testing can be used to determine the performance of a whole team not just the individual who is taken the test.

This is very important to Outback since the heart of the culture is a strong commitment to making Outback a great placed to work, have fun and make money. Personality testing relates more to organizational fit because it helps to identify applicants with personality traits that fit well with the organization work demands and culture.These individuals are more likely to remain with the company long-term (Stewart & Brown, 2010). Applicants who are successful during the testing phase will move on the interviewing process. Interviews are useful for evaluating applicants and providing information to the applicants to sell the organization as a desirable workplace.

Applicants are asked questions that probe their experience and their orientation towards the aspects of Outback culture. This may include service mindedness, hospitality, team work, and the ability to be a fast thinker.The selection process and methods used by Outback are very valuable to their organization and assure them that the applicants they select during this process will be a good fit within the organization and will continue to make Outback Steak house a great place to work (Stewart & Brown, 2010). The selection methods that are used by Outback Steakhouse are valid because these tests given have been validated against existing Outback employees who have been very successful in the organization.

To be considered as valid the method that is used for selection must accurately predict which applicant will perform the job well.These validations have been proved through content and concurrent validation at Outback. Outback makes certain that the question and conversation that takes place during the selection process will be geared toward the needs of the organization.

Concurrent validation is proven when the scores from a cognitive or personality test of an existing Outbacker who performs the job well are compared to the score of an applicant and the correlation coefficient is calculated to determine the similarities between the scores and performance.



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