Panera Bread Case Study

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Last updated: June 9, 2019

Summary: Panera Bread Company is an expanding chain of bakery-cafe restaurants throughout the United States that targets urban workers and suburban dwellers.

Panera is known for its fresh baked goods, made to order sandwiches with the company’s fresh bread, salad, custom roasted coffees, and other cafe beverages. Opportunity: Panera bread can increase sales by targeting families for meals during breakfast and dinner hours. Strategy: Panera may inform customers of food specials during the times the customers would not normally attend.A coupon will be given to the customers along with the receipts. With these coupons, customers will inform others through the “word-of mouth” technique.

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Panera can target families into the market to come for a quick, cheap dinner. The company does not have to change the menu since the menu has food for all ages including a children’s section. Justification: Management’s long term objective is to make Panera a “nationally recognized brand name and to be the dominant restaurant operator in the specialty bakery-cafe segment. The company wants “to be better than the guys across the street. ” With these two messages, targeting families would allow more people to come to Panera and not attend fast-food places. Panera is constantly changing the menu so foods are current with the seasons. The kid’s section on the menu would have to be adjusted too, so the food is not repetitive and gives children options. Research has shown that people who dined at Panera frequently or moderately did so for only one part of the day, yet 81 percent said they would be willing to dine during other parts of the day.

By advertizing breakfast discounted meals or “2 for 1” deals to the dinner crowd or vice-versa, the restaurant will be booming with people throughout the day. Since the company is trying to publicize the crispani, a pizzalike topping on a thin crust, and this bread constitutes 20 percent of sales during the evening, I would make the bread known through the coupons to the breakfast customers. This plan still avoids “hard sell” and “in your face marketing” since it is a flyer or coupon that is given to the customer with their receipt. This marketing opportunity is to get the customer to return to the store for an additional time slot.


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