Papal Intervention

To what extent did the role of the papacy in English affairs change during the period from 1066 to 1216? William 1 papal intervention Pope alexander gave William I legitimacy with papal banner Stigand was excommunicated so couldn’t officiate William’s coronation in 1066 Pope alexander sent papal legate to re-crown William in 1070 William II 1088 trial of William of saint-Calais (bishop who supported rebellion, trial in Episcopal Church Rufus ruses papal intervention 1097 when William is threatened with excommunication as Anselm quits going to Rome as he’s been forever exiled Henry II papal interventionMade few direct interventions in henry ii vs. becket, becket defended church rights but Pope Alex iii didn’t support either of them and saw becket as a liability Alex iii made becket papal legate in 1166 but he had no powers over York As well becket claimed that the excommunication was under the pope’s order Richard papal intervention Crusading created stable relations with the pope Pope Celestine iii did little to challenge royal jurisdiction over the church (for example agreed to Richards’s appointment of Hubert Walter to Canterbury + pallium Pope Celestine III made Walter papal legate in 1195-1198Henry I papal intervention Hennery vs. Anselm due to changing papal ideas against lay investure and homage although Anselm paid homage to William II he refused to do the same to Henry I because the pope banned it = Anselm victim of pope vs. king King John papal intervention Conflict was instigated by pope innocent not the archbishop (Langton) Pope innocent aggressively forced the reforms Before 1213 john and Langton relationship was based on the way he was imposed on Canterbury (led to interdict of England 1208 then johns excommunication 209 John was absolved on command of the pope Pope annulled the Magna Carta though King Stephan papal intervention 1135 pope supported Stephan’s claim and papal legate henry Blois controlled a lot of english affairs Theobald and henry Blois were dedicated to reforms i. e.

Theobald exile for attending Rheims Theobald had a stable relationship with the crown When summing up the success of the kings it could be srgued that the papal intervention played a role to a great extent in the crisis

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