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Last updated: February 23, 2019

According to the CIA Fact Book, The total GDP (official exchange rate) of the 22 member nations that comprise the Arab League is $1.44 T.

This is only almost equivalent to the GDP’s of Spain and Canada, each of which has a GDP of $1.43 T in 2007. It is also only 68% of Italy’s GDP for the same period and about a tenth of the $13.84 T GDP of the United States. To compound the disparity of the GDP’s of the entire Arab League against those of the four developed nations, the GDP’s of the latter are also inversely proportional to their respective land areas and total populations especially for Canada which has a very disparate population to land area ration. The land area of the 22 Arab states totals 13,687,041 sq. km.The United States only covers an area of 9,984,670 sq.

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km. and Canada is slightly smaller at 9,826,630 sq. km.

Meanwhile, Italy is only 301, 230 sq. km. while Spain is 504,782 sq. km. The Arab States is the home to more than 346 million people while the United States has slightly less at 303.

8 million. The Italian population of 58 million is only about 17% of the Arab population.  Spain is about the same rate at 40.4 million. Canada, however, is under-populated with only 33.2 million people living within the vast land.


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