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Last updated: January 27, 2019

Violation 2: Parole Officer Thomas can testify that while conducting a home call she found drug paraphernalia on the parolee. Officer Pasztor can also testify to this and has this item in the evidence room of the Orange County Police Department. FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS JDI-298 PAROLE VIOLATION REPORT Rev.

7/03 Violation 3: Parole Officer Thomas can testify that the parolee was given a drug screen and it came back positive. The lab results are attached and show that the parolee was tested for marijuana and the test came back with a positive result for marijuana.In all counts the parolee voluntarily admits to all allegations.

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SUMMARY OF PAROLE: Orientation: Mr. Machjokowski was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon on March 24, 2006. Mr. Machjokowski was sentenced to three years in prison. Once released Parole Officer Thomas went over the order of parole with the parolee and gave him instructions that he needed to complete three years on parole. The parolee was told to report to Parole Officer Thomas’s office once a week at eight in the morning and to weekly test negative for drugs.

The parole order is attached and is understood and signed by the parolee, stating that he understood all requirements needed to be met by him and he was going to comply. Adjustment: Mr. Machjokowski was on parole since 01/04/2009 and was doing great. He has a job at The Window Place, where he works in the warehouse stocking widows on shelves with a forklift. He has not previous incidents and has been doing well with reporting on time, before work. He also has not had a positive drug screen, until now, since he has been on parole.

He has a great attitude and seems to be enjoying his new job and being home with his family.Home Placement: Mr. Machjokowski was paroled to his mother’s home and is living there currently, he has not moved since he paroled. All of the other siblings have moved out, so it is just him and his mother in the residence at 79842 Rangel Road, Orlando, FL. 89532. Employment: Mr.

Machjokowski is working at The Window Place. He stocks shelves in the warehouse of windows that are made there with a forklift. He has been there for one month and is still employed there to this day. FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS JDI-298 PAROLE VIOLATION REPORT Rev.

/03 NARRATIVE OF VIOLATION Violation: Violation 1: On 02/21/2009 Mr. Machjokowski failed to report to Parole Officer Thomas’s office for his weekly meeting and drug test. Mr. Machjokowski was supposed to be in the Parole Officer’s office at eight in the morning. Parole Officer Thomas set out to look for him when subject did not show up at ten in the morning and there was no response on the phone number that had been given. Parole Officer Thomas found him at work.

Parolee stated “he woke up to late to meet today and I did not want to lose my job, so I came directly to work”.The Parolee was arrested on site by Officer Pasztor of the Orange County Police Department. Violation 2: On 02/21/2009 Mr. Machjokowski was found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia when Parole Officer Thomas made a home call, due to Mr. Machjokowski not showing up for a weekly meeting.

No drugs were found on the subject; however we did find a device used for smoking marijuana on the subject. Officer Pasztor of the Orange County Police has entered this into their evidence room, awaiting any trial, and is willing to testify to this. Violation 3: On 02/21/2009 Mr.Machjokowski was drug tested in accordance with his Parole Order. The test found that Mr. Machjokowski tested positive for marijuana. See attached lab test sheet.

Due Process: Mr. Machjokowski was served with all charges against him at his place of employment where he was arrested and waived his right to an advisory hearing. Parolee’s Statement: Mr.

Machjokowski states that he went out last night and smoked some marijuana. He forgot he needed to get up for his meeting and when he woke up he just went to work. He does not deny any of the claims against him. Availability: N/A Court Information: No new criminal charges will be filed.

RECOMMENDATION FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS JDI-298 PAROLE VIOLATION REPORT Rev. 7/03 The recommendation for Mr. Machjokowski is to up his level of supervision from minimum to medium which will require him to come in for meetings as well as drug screens three days a week for the next three months and then down to two days a week if he does not have any more violations of these requests. He will also be required to attend a drug treatment program at The Center for Drug-Free Living, Inc. in Orlando where he will attend an outpatient program for a minimum of six weeks.


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