Peace the Need of Hour

PEACE the need of Hour… I am looking after an Orphanage home called ‘Bethel Children’s Home’, which is a ministry of Frontier Mission Society, where Seventy (70) children are being taken care of.

The place where I live is totally insecure where killing has been done at free will. People are not safe here anymore. There are many faction of Insurgents group in our small-populated state, Manipur.

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Most of them were uneducated and school dropped out. The situation here is getting worst each day, many non-governmental organizations and the government choked out means to solve this menace but without success.And I feel that this is the right time to give awareness to everyone big or small about the situation we are in and come up with solutions for the future.

Therefore, we need peace. Every individual is tired of the happenings here and Peace is the need of an hour. People here are so uncivilized and at the same time were an easy preys for the Terrorists group. They lured them with false promises, later they have to face their own consequences. Besides, the insurgent also threatened the village people if they did not join the outfits, by planting Landmines in and around their villages or by thrashing the youth.Sometime they even killed. This has been going on for many decades now and the government is watching silently.

At the same time, many ethnic groups are living together here and we often have ethnic clashes. Way back in 1997, there was Kuki-Zomi clash. Where many lost their lives with no cause of their own? The attitude of the people here is not the conflict resolution but to flare up the situation in many different ways. And I feel that creating awareness in their minds about the prevailing situations and the outcome (after effect) would be the main force to draw their attention away from conflict.

When the government cannot do anything for the people, it needs sacrifice from individual or from non-governmental organizations to come forward and fight for a cause. We have every right to live in peace and harmony. There has to be a conflict solution and it has to start with the people. The reason why I choose peace studies is that I need a change in my Society. I need to rebuild my society from the scratches. I am responsible for the betterment of my place and my society in particular.

That, I am ready for any eventuality so long as it’s going to benefit my society and my people as a whole.



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