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World Leader In Convenient Foods & Beverages Industry • Revenues – About $43 billion and over 198,000 Employees across the globe • PepsiCo was founded in 1965 through the merger of Pepsi-Cola and Frito-Lay • PepsiCo brands are available in more than 200 countries and territories across the globe • PepsiCo has more than 500 products in it’s portfolio of which 18 brands generate $1 Billion each in retail sales A broad spectrum of beverages worldwide bringing fun and refreshment to consumers Frito-Lay invigorates PepsiCo’s portfolio of products with plenty of good food and ‘good fun’Tropicana, the strongest name in juices; the best of fruit Quaker expands our portfolio with a wide range of healthy food choices Gatorade’s line of performance drinks adds over 40 years of rehydration & sports nutrition research to the PepsiCo portfolio Our Corporate Philosophy Performance with Purpose At PepsiCo we gauge our financial achievement by our social and environmental performance. Our sustainable efforts have given our business the solid foundation we need to keep pace with an ever-changing marketA Philosophy That Is Manifested At PepsiCo India Through A Comprehensive Sustainability Program PepsiCo India – Our Portfolio Today Meets A Range Of Consumer Food & Beverage Needs Beverage Need States Refresh Snack Need States Refresh Hydration Enjoyment Sustenance Enjoyment Health Indulgence Health Indulgence Nourishment Transformation Nourishment Enhancement Energy Energy Serviced By Muscular Brands That Enjoy Consumer Preference and Loyalty Built Through Superior, ConsumerValidated Propositions, Rooted In Insight And Supported By A Robust Information EcosystemPeriodic KPI Tracking Digging deeper Consumer Insights • More than observation or findings – Deeper & more penetrating • Talking to consumers, not just talking about them • Recognizing relationships • Re-framing the problem • Driven by both people & process • Syndicated data •Consumer/ retailer data • Trend reports • Customized research ( qualitative & quantitative) • Internal data • Consumer motivation & emotional attachment to brands • Consumption rituals • Ethnography • Consumer segmentation,Typology • Consumer/Customer decision making treeHowever Our Consumer Is A Moving Target – Evolving Rapidly Macro Consumer Trends Point To Consumers in Experience-Maximization Mode Stop-Go Stop-Go Lives Lives The reshaping of culture, community, & what it means to belong Adapting to a life that is fast, flexible and lived-on-the-go Community Community Transformations Transformations Health & Health & Wellness Wellness Increasing focus on Wellness, though low evidence yet of walking the talk The rising currency of visual information New New Communication Communication Currencies CurrenciesProfessional Professional Consumers Consumers Experiential Experiential Society Society Consumers seeking & savoring experiences Consumers increasingly becoming demanding, sophisticated & contradictory in their shopping patterns Fundamentally Changing The Consumer Engagement Paradigm Bite Sized Communications Niche is the new norm Shorter attention time spans, unprecedented exposure Customization & personalization, spurred by increased individualism Authenticity is a key value Brand Affinity is tougher to build Declined trust in Corporations demand for more informationBrand Platforms are becoming crowded spaces – Cricket is activated by > 130 brands! Consumers Are Now In Control The Rules of Engagement Have Changed Altering the Power Equation Between Advertisers & Consumers Much Of This Is Powered By A Changing Media Landscape + My Media We, the Media MANY-TO-MANY Consumer control an engagement Niche Media Mainstream Media ONE-TO-MANY ONE-TO-FEW ONE-TO-ONE Social Media Personal Media Segmented Media Mass Media – Media Today Is Feeding Consumers’ Appetite For Content… …But Also Affiliating Them To Powerful IdeasTraditionally, Media Distribution Had A “Top Down” Structure broadcaster affiliate (distributor) affiliate (distributor) affiliate (distributor) affiliate (distributor) affiliate (distributor) Now Media Is Essentially De-centralized Content jumps… Consumers “broadcast” to other consumers through blogs, BBS and social networks. …between platforms… ..

. between geographies movie gets uploaded then downloaded THE RESULT: Media Democratisation where anyone can become a journalist, author or film maker Driven By The Fact That Markets Have Become ConversationsThe Cluetrain Manifesto • An influential book written in 1999 – A set of 95 theeses put forward as a manifesto for all businesses operating in what was suggested as a “newly connected marketplace” • Fundamental to ‘The Cluetrain Manifesto’ was the premise that the Internet provided a new and unique forum for communication that would ultimately shift the nature of business communication and marketing. “A powerful global conversation has begun. Through the Internet, people are discovering and inventing new ways to share relevant knowledge with blinding speed.As a direct result, markets are getting smarter—and getting smarter faster than most companies. ” • Powered by Social Media And Web 2.

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0 Social media is an umbrella term that defines various activities that integrate technology, social interaction and the construction of words, pictures, video and audio. Source. Wikipedia. org MORE SIMPLY PUT…. Social Media is about people having conversations online.. The Social Media Landscape Today Is A Powerful Enabler Of The Changing Conversation Types of Social Media Blogs ( web-logs) • Emerged in the Mid 90s; Simple online diaries – by individuals, corporates • Micro blogs • Twitter fastest growing social media brand • Instant messaging, news/image sharing, job board • Continues to evolve as a real-time communication tool • Social Networks • Connections • Music, sports, politics, sex, hobbies • Sub-category includes customizable social networks – eg Ning, KickApps • • Video/Image sharing sites • Upload and share; The blurring of ‘public’ vs ‘private’ Social Media Aggregators ‘FriendFeed’, ‘socialthing’• Centralize users’ various profiles; manage multiple conversations from one location • Social News Aggregators • Submit links to content on other websites • Ranked by discussion it evokes • Social Bookmarking sites – Folksonomies • Bookmark and share useful web pages • Wikis • Creation and editing of interlinked web pages – collaborative websites • 100% UGC – By the readers Media Consumption Is Evolving From LeanBack, Captive to Lean-Forward, Engaged out & about OOH, Malls, Book / Music Stores, Theme Parks Mobile Events, Gym, Disc/Pubs, Clubs ean forward Newspaper, Magazines RSS – Feed, Internet Blog, Gaming, Contests, Social Networking lean back TV, Radio Cinema, Movies on Demand, DVR IPTV, Interactive Games scheduled demand participate Both Traditional Media As Well As Social Media Can Be Lean-Forward Traditional media like TV, Press and Outdoor can also be “lean-forward”.

The key is that the content provides a stimulus that evokes a response/call-to-action and engages in a dialogue with the viewer/reader. An Entire Generation Has Grown Up With Digital As A Way Of Life Consider Some Facts… 27Social Networking growth at 36% from Jan’ 08 ( Music at 24%, Gaming at 15%) Source: Comscore India – June 2009; Economist – Feb 2009; Social media tracker wave Conversation Velocity- The Speed At Which Chatter Spreads, Is Magnified By Social Networks 28 Average number of friends on facebook Just 2 degrees of separation on facebook results in an exponential multiplier Impact of the chatter: 87% say ‘Word of Mouth’ is a powerful recommendation*. * Source: Nielsen Online Global Consumer Study April 2007 There Is An Emerging Sub-culture Of People Who Simply Consume Online Media 31% 17% China 16% 15% 9% 4% Australia India Korea Malaysia Singapore 16% of those online spend less than 5hrs a week consuming traditional media Ironically, many of these ‘online only’ consumers are still consuming the same content – i. e. Watching TV shows, listening to the radio and so on. Yet they are doing it digitally. The web enables them to access content on demand, content previously unavailable, or in a manner that previously wasn’t possible. The Net Is Fast Becoming The Preferred Information Source Search Explosion – India 73% of internet users search the web*1 1+ Bn queries per month with 53 Searches per User *2Over 4.

8 mn Clicks On Search Ads *1 Search revenue projected to touch $120 mn in 2010 from $50 mn *3 * Source: 1. IAMAI 2008 2. comScore qSearch (June 08) 3. Industry Sources A Significant Growth in ‘Prosumerism’… 32 A Prosumer is someone who both consumes and produces information. A fundamental shift in consumer behavior underpinning Web 2.

0, is the movement from simply consuming information to also producing (and publishing) information – the shift from the “Consumer” to the “Prosumer”. Almost 1 in 5 online consumers have started a blog – 60% of them are about personal experiences.Only 14% claim they have visited a corporate blog If brands can learn to converse with, rather than market to consumers, blogs can be used as the ultimate listening post on consumer needs and sentiment.

* Source: Research International APAC study …And The Increasing Importance Of Word Of Mouth Taiwan Singapore Malaysia India China Australia Total 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Influenced by online comments Not Influenced by online comments The cross roads between Prosumerism and Social networks – opinions from people you know and trust – is the ultimate in viral communications, either positive or negative, for brands.Life Caching Is Making Us Digital Storytellers… People are sharing and interacting like never before 36,00,000,000: Photos archived till June ’09. That’s roughly 1 photo for every two people on this planet! 13,000,000: The number of articles available on Wikipedia 132%: The monthly growth rate of Twitter users from Jan to Feb ’09 3,000,000: The average number of Tweets per day on Twitter.

com 13 hours: The amount of Video uploaded to YouTube every minute 1,00,000,000: The number of videos viewed per day 200,000,000 blogs! ,000,000,000: the number of minutes spent on Facebook each day Facebook is bigger than Russia The Success Of The US Presidential Election Is Testimony To This… • • • • 5,000,000 – the number of active Barack Obama supporters across 15 social networks 14,200,000 – Number of views Obama’s “Yes We Can” video got on YouTube An additional 15 of the 1800 official and 139,000 unofficial Obama videos received > 1 million views $ 6, 500, 000 – the amount of money 3 million online donors contributed to the ’08 Obama campaignFor companies, resistance to social media is futile. Millions of people are creating content for the social web. Your competitors are already there. Your customers have been there a long time. If your business isn’t putting itself out there, it ought to be… Businessweek Feb 19, 2009 What Implications Does This Pose For Marketers? The New Communication Model Will Need To Evolve from Monologue to Dialogue… … Flipping classical marketing on its head Participation Is The New World Order In MarketingA big shift from monologue advertising to conversational advertising/communication • Marketers today are in a unique position today to create competitive advantage by understanding and leveraging the power of technology. • With the use of technology and the internet as our playground we can go from one touch point to millions in a manner of hours • Moving beyond contact with consumers to something much more meaningful… • … that’s engagement • And engagement fosters connections which lead to relationships • Resulting in brand loyalty.

Where Effective Communication Will Combine Both Media Dimensions Leveraging The Power And Impact Of Media Convergence… “…where old and new media collide, where grassroots and corporate media intersect, where the power of the media- producer and the power of the media- consumer interact in unpredictable ways. ” Henry Jenkins, author “Convergence culture” … And Borrowing On The Principles Of Transmedia Storytelling The cross-platform blitz for “The Matrix” was generally interpreted as a major advance in digitalera storytelling (“The audience can choose how deep to go! ) or, more often, as a major advance in exploitative licensing and marketing The Wachowski Brothers who produced The Matrix supplemented the first chapter of their film trilogy with two more films; Enter the Matrix, a video game that revealed critical events and interactions offscreen before, and during the events of the 2nd and 3rd films; The Animatrix, a series of animated shorts from acclaimed anime directors that covered critical background events and introduced minor characters featured in the later films; and a compilation of Matrix comics from renowned comic artists and writers. Defining Transmedia Storytelling Transmedia stories are those “which unfold across multiple media platforms with each new text making a distinctive and valuable contribution to the whole” • • • • • • Each medium should do whatever it does best At best, each part is self contained to make it accessible on its own terms, without the rest of its components The vision needs to be consistent and unified; if it is redundant or selfcontradicting, participants will notice Can attract multiple audiences by using different approaches in different media, to reach each group The logic shifts from “licensing” to “co-creation” Can form communities when it brings people and gives them something to do From Transmedia Storytelling Transmedia PlanningAdvertising Interactive Experience Advertising Public  Relations Interactive Experience Public  Relations Person Person Central Idea Brand  Community Person Person Retail Direct  Marketing Retail Direct  Marketing Media – Neutral Planning Transmedia Planning The Concept Of Transmedia Storytelling Is Reshaping Entertainment, Marketing, Advertising and Branding In 2001, BMW stunned the ad world by investing in short films which had nothing to do with their product The idea was to give film directors a BMW car around which a compelling short film was to be made. Many of the tales centered on life-and-death chase scenes, but several were humorous or even melancholy.McDowell ( Mktg VP, BMW) figured if The Hire, took off and the films were downloaded from BMW’s Web site by 1 million to 2 million viewers, BMW would chalk up the same number of eyeballs as a snappy advertising campaign aired during the Super Bowl, but would reach a higher percentage of BMW-type customers: Progressives with a nose for cinema, technology, and high bandwidth. If you really understand your consumer, you can be very clever about how to communicate. You can change the whole paradigm The buzz started slowly with the first film but grew to avalanche proportions by the time Madonna’s short comedy film about a cranky diva was released, overwhelming BMW’s expectations and forcing the automaker to add servers as fast as it could.

But it didn’t stop there. As the short-film gambit rocketed around the blogosphere, national TV broadcasters flooded McDowell’s office with requests for interviews on CBS, Entertainment Tonight, and Fox News.The novelty of an automaker producing films fanned public interest and stoked downloads. After one year, the number of viewers who had visited BMW’s Web site to download The Hire shot to over 21 million, and with three more films added in 2002, it rocketed to 100 million, sparking a Harvard Business School case study. One million enthusiasts ordered a DVD with all eight films. Source: Businessweek Watch the Madonna film at http://www. youtube.

com/watch? v=8tDg1YKp8M0 More Recently The Viral Marketing Campaign For The Dark Knight Was A Powerful Transmedia Experience http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=1pd74It? yVo&feature=related So What Does This Mean For Brands? Brands will be “owned” by consumers more than ever beforeSpark Conversations: Create opportunities for your consumers to own the brand by giving them something to talk about Create brand fans by providing interesting consumer experiences, and then leverage the passion of this user base Both individuality and collectivism are important for consumers – enable this for them through our brands Collaborations and Co-creation will be key Focus on Consumer participation in Idea Generation/ NPD Create Ideas that are open source and that consumers can play with Be willing to let consumers contribute to the brand narrative Collaborations and Co-creation will be key Be prepared to use different media to tell different parts of a storyThink about partnerships with brands who have similar core values Be transparent, inclusive – this is the era of Authenticity Lets Take A Look At Some Examples 1) ENABLING RELATIONSHIPS AND COMMUNITY When Pepsi created the first online community for a billion cheering cricket fans the Blue Billion Pepsi’s Bluebillion website has evolved into India’s first online cricket community – an affinity league for a billion cheering Indian fans • • Total page views 2. 58 mn Total unique users 6.

6 L http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=FPXhDGoi6yM When Pepsi branded the Unstoppable generation… Youngistaan The Youngistaan Portal Page Views – 2.

63 MM; Unique Users – 1. 08 MM; Avg Time Spent – 8. 1 minsAn Experience Gateway For Youngistaanis; A Key Multiplier of the ATL Idea . –1 s PV s lac 6 s PV – 3 la 1. 8 cs s .

25 lac ws – 1 ie Video V 4 lacs; . 6 PVs – 5 lacs 1. 04 d– ons Coup e load own d – PVs la .

65 3 cs When Nike created the NIKE + RUNNING COMMUNITY http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=nhStKDFGv_s When You Can Use The Internet To Get Off The Internet Source: meetup. com Meetup helps groups of people with shared interests plan meetings and form offline clubs in local communities around the world. With more than 2,000 groups that get together in local communities each day, Meetup is the world’s largest network of local groups. Meetup currently has 4.

million members in 3,601 cities worldwide, 46,315 local groups, 4,916 Meetup topics and facilitates 102,000 Meetups monthly. Their tagline? “Use the Internet to get off the Internet! ”2) SHINE THE SPOTLIGHT ON YOUR CONSUMER Doritos Presented Consumers With The Biggest Stage Ever To Showcase Their Creativity – The Super Bowl! Visit http://www. crashthesuperbowl. com/ Kurkure Gave Its Evangelists The Ultimate Sign of Respect – Featuring Them on Their Packs • Over 50mm Kurkure packs carried pictures of winners along with their recipes ;gt;1L entries received Positive impact on both Volume and share of teatime consumption • • Pepsi My Can Leveraged User Passion To Give a New Face to the Pack… And The Brand • • • • • Page Views ;gt; 3. 6 mn Unique Users ;gt; 3. 06L Total Video Views ;gt; 3.

13L Total Votes ;gt; 2. 89 mn Avg. Time Spent 7. 5 min Smith’s Is Recruiting Consumers To Design Their Next Flavor http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=-poiJFcdCXo 3) CUSTOMIZATION Lays Accelerated Consumer Engagement With Its New Flavors Through Consumer Advocacy Dewmocracy “you want to vote now. Dew it” Mountain Dew Is Leveraging The Collective Intelligence Of Its User Base to Architecture The Brand: From Flavor To Packaging Graphics http://www. facebook.

com/mountaindew#/mountaindew? v=app_11007063052;viewas=0 http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=n3mphZrRFgk 4) BREATHE LIFE INTO THE BRAND EXPERIENCEHonda staged a live three-minute TV ad showing a team of skydivers demonstrating Honda’s current marketing idea ‘Difficult is worth doing’. Pepsi Engaged With Youngistaan By Making The Consumer the Chief Architect WHATS UR WAY? Interrupt Engage Entertain 5) INVOLVE YOUR CONSUMER Pepsi’s Gave its Consumers A Collective Voice refresheverything. com An open letter The idea was to create an OPEN LETTER to the President, simply by asking Millenials ( core TG) the question: What would you say to the man who is about to refresh our nation? The timing was perfect. Just as Pepsi introduced the new brand platform of “Refresh Everything”, the new President was taking office.

The initiative capitalized on the excitement and momentum the entire country was feeling. 7,00, 000 visits to refresheverything. com, Over 700 videos (> YouTube benchmark of 200 videos); over 4,000,000 video views www.

pepsicotastethesuccess. com/case_study_AV 6,000,000 unique Facebook visitors; On Jan 22nd, #1 most viewed sponsor channel TOI Led A Movement That Sparked A Nation’s Imagination http://www. youtube.

com/watch? v=pgHyjMgPi2Q Tata Tea Became A Force For Social Change http://www. jaagore. com/ http://www. youtube.

com/watch? v=JXWdhB1xYic 6) CONNECT THROUGH ISSUES THAT ARE IMPORTANT TO YOUR AUDIENCE Quaker Oats Partnered With TOI To Raise Awareness… And Action…To Promote Heart HealthSunsilk Created A Space For Young Women To Connect On Issues In Their Life Dove Made Its Brand Hugely Relevant Culturally, By Challenging Stereotypes The creative idea: Challenge narrowly defined stereotypes by promoting the idea that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes The Media Used: Primarily New age http://www. campaignforrealbeauty. com/ http://www.

youtube. com/watch? v=oYfwIAWWH6M 7) ENGAGE, INTERRUPT, INFLUENCE Pepsi Max In UK Sharply Jump-shifted Salience And Affinity By Evolving Their Engagement Model… share of spend INFLUENCE share of voice engagement share of mind From Communicating to consumers interruption To Engaging with them Bringing The Story Alive By Being Part Of Their Consumers’ World User generated content Virals Messenger Tabs On-line streaming Mobile UK’s first brand channel on YouTube Burger King Leveraged Its Biggest Asset – The Whopper – In A Daring Experiment Burger King Whopper Freakout The restaurant experimented with discontinuing the Whopper for a day. Hidden cameras in the restaurant and the drive-in captured genuine consumer reactions. The film attracted 3. 3 million views and inspired a series of spoofs. http://www.

youtube. com/watch? v=epsgsfuIN4Y Diesel’s Digital Campaign Positioned The Brand As Cutting Edge http://heidies. com/demo2/ McDonald’s Alternate Reality Games Involved Consumers Without Making Them Feel “Marketed To”An alternate reality game (ARG) is an interactive narrative that uses the real world as a platform, often involving multiple media and game elements, to tell a story that may be affected by participants’ ideas or actions. The Lost Ring is an alternate reality game, (ARG) revolving around a fictional Olympic sport that disappeared 2000 years ago that was created by McDonald’s as part of their marketing for the 2008 Olympic Games, in Beijing, China. Read the case at http://www. thelostring. com/ The Key Challenge For You PepsiCo’s View On Building Brands At PepsiCo, we are committed to building: • Great Brands – – – • with an ambitious vision a distinctive point of view on the world Consumer relevance and bonding Brands built with ideas bigger than just advertisingThis requires a sharp focus on new rules of consumer engagement, as well as new-age marketing practices that enable a living, breathing relationship with our key consumers The Key Question How can PepsiCo take a leadership position in new age marketing spaces (lean forward media)? More Specifically, Our Challenges Are… How might we leverage lean-forward media to address these following needs? 1. How might new age media be leveraged to build “brand PepsiCo”? • • With Key stakeholders: Consumers, Customers, Key Opinion Leaders, Government and Institutions? How might this help us engage deeper with them by facilitating dialogue ( as also provide a tool to address consumer concerns) 2.

How must consumer-engagement models be structured to suit the brands’ life-stage and communications needs? • How may we drive stronger affinity and connect for brands like Pepsi and Lays which have a “youth” bulls-eye? Conversely, how can we sharp-shoot on younger brands like Mountain Dew, Gatorade and Quaker Oats, which have sub-scale A;M budgets? 3. What strategic alliances/programs might help us take a leadership position in this space? • • How do we build programs that drive linkages between traditional and new media? Partnership with like-minded brands? Some pointers for you as you work the case… 1. Refer back to slides 24 and 25 for an understanding of the definition of “lean forward Media”. • Both traditional media as well as social media may be “lean-forward” – the key is that they must stimulate consumer engagement and dialogue. 2.Consider these facts about the Indian digital market • Despite the large population, total online users are only 57 million ( 5% penetration) • 37% of the users are from Cyber cafes, driven by the growth of online gaming • Broadband has grown 83% from ’07 to ’08.

However, 512 mbps is considered broadband • Local language sites have grown to 34% of market • Ecommerce is a USD $2000 Million industry of which travel contributes to 80% • At 400 Million mobile users, India is second only to China • 20% of mobile users are mobile internet users. Most have their first internet experience on their phone. Some pointers for you as you work the case… 3.The tale of two Indias • The TG is not a homogenous group, with key differences between metros and non-metro cities. What’s the new language to connect with both these groups? Young Adults 19-24 yrs, Metros: 4.

1 MM Characteristics Prefer English to Hindi; Experienced online users Key Online Activities Online activities :Emailing-93%, SM-88%, IM/Chats-78%, Job search -78%, Downloads- 69% and News- 66% Higher accessing of content related to dating/friendship, Cinema, financial info and net banking More likely to have a blog , but not as active as their smaller town counterparts Offline Asset Ownership: Own Mobile, Internet Connection at Home, Bank Accounts more than other segments Young Adults 19-24 yrs, Metros: 9. 1 MMCharacteristics Prefer Hindi to English Key Online Activities Online activities: Emailing–93%,SM–88%,Job–78%,IM/Chats–77%,Downloads-68% and News- 65% Checking cricket score, mobile content and matrimony search higher than metro Mobile is key – Send/receive mail using handset higher than metro Maximum % visiting adult content, SN sites More into blogs and video sharing than metro counterparts, more likely to read a blog and visit blog sites more than 5 times a day. Members of online communities- school/alumni, computers, internet and education highest in this group Offline More computers/laptops than metro counterparts Low cable TV connection/DTH compared to metros Source: Juxt Consult Youth Online Report 2008; Metros: Delhi, Mum, Kolkata, Chennai, Bglore, Hyderabad, Pune, AhmSome pointers for you as you work the case… Teens 13-18 yrs, Metros: 0. 6 MM Characteristics Comfortable with both English and Hindi Second maximum number of entrants from this group Key Online Activities Mostly accessing from home; Experienced online users with 3 out of 4 accessing over 5 times a day Use more eng info and local language search Online activities: Emailing–87%,SM-81%,Downloads-69%, IM/Chat-68% and Games-59% Least active on online shopping; Members of online communities – professional, games and school, Alumni Offline Very light users of mass media Maximum % of ownership of computer/laptop than the other segments Teens 13-18 yrs, Other towns: 1. 8 MMCharacteristics Comfortable with both English and Hindi Maximum online entrants from this group; The only family member using Internet Key Online Activities Use primarily from Home and cybercafe, once daily Online activities :Emailing–86%,SM-85%,IM/Chat-69%,Games-61% and Downloads music/mov-60% Higher accessing of content related to Astrology, Health/lifestyle, cricket score than metros Mobile is key – consistent usage higher than Metro equivalents Members of Games and music communities- video sharing on the rise Searching more than metro counterparts but not buying Offline More iPods than young adults and metro counterparts (on a % basis) Implications Traditional Media • Standard TV advertising has seen a dip in effectiveness, but appetite for content is growing How do we use TV to satiate the hunger for content in a way that is linked to our brands? • The rise of the advocacy channel • Word of Mouth is becoming a big influencer • Media is becoming catalyst for social activism or at least social activity more people vote for ‘Idol’ than in their national election • Online consumer opinion is now more valued than TV ads or editorial How do we become a part of the conversation? Implications • “Search online” is becoming the new “first moment of truth”.

How do we configure strategies to emerge on the consumer’s search radar? • Mobiles and Mobile screens are becoming a reflex lifestyle.How can our brands fit in? • Social Networking is growing at a furious pace. How do we play the game by the rules of the medium? Execution Format… 1.

Your submission should follow the following format: • • • Your presentation may be in your preferred document format – MS Word or Powerpoint. Your presentation should be within 40 slides or 5000 words. An executive summary should precede your presentation – this is to be presented in video format, between 3-5 minutes duration. The objective is to simply to gauge your presentation skills – we are not looking for sophisticated production values.

• Slide 96 has 3 questions posed to you. Your team must address all three.


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