Perseverene Is Key to Success

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Last updated: June 17, 2019

Perseverance is key to Success!!! Perseverance is an attitude of persisting one single idea, discipline, ideal, rules to achieve success, to achieve a goal- in spite of facing n- number of difficulties, obstructions, hurdles, failures etc. Friends, success in life does not come easily!! There are numbers of failures and hurdles, you have to pass through before you achieve something worthwile in life. The only undying quality imbibed in every successful man, is the quality of perseverance.

It is this quality which makes even seemingly impossible task possible.Friends, there is an apt saying that “Fire is the test of Gold and Adversity is the test of Man”. The key to success in any field is perseverance, industriousness and single minded effort to achieve the Goal. Success is like a ladder where you have to climb step by step and do a lot of hard work to reach at the top. You have to pass through many difficulties and hurdles but the fruits will be always 100% sweet. We should not lose heart when we had failed in our any endeavour. We should not be disheartened and feel helpless.

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In spite of setback, if we continue to work hard, sincerely and in right direction with team spirit, we will surely achieve our set Goal. Friends, there are number of examples of great persons who achieved success in their life through perseverance. Can I share with you, some of the real life stories? Let’s first talk about– Abraham Lincoln.

A man who had struggled very hard in his early life and had to pass through very hard time. He was born as a son of a Wood Cutter. Number of calamities he faced in life, would have disheartened any person, but not Abraham Lincoln.He failed in business during the year 1831 & 1833. He was defeated in election for state legislators in the year 1832.

His fiancee died in the year 1835. Had a nervous breakdown in the year 1836. He lost both races of election of congress in the year 1843 and 1848. He stood for the Senate election in the year 1855 and 1859 and lost both the election.

In between he stood for election of vice president ship of USA in the year 1856 and lost. As if this is not enough, He had to face the personnel calamities in the death of his two sons.Friends, notwithstanding the series of setbacks, Abraham Lincoln persevered for his goal and went on to be elected as President of USA in the year 1860 and he became the most Legendary Leader in the history of USA!! What a source of Inspiration he is, for all of us, isn’t it? We can learn so much from Abraham Lincoln’s life, his courage of conviction, his honesty and sincerity, and the will to achieve his goal at any cost, even at the cost of his Life. The other example is of Thomas Alva Edison, who had invented Electric Bulb.He worked for nearly 18 Hours a day, having more than 2000 experiment before he invented the Electric Bulb, which had sprayed light throughout the world. While doing research work he had never quit experiment of his idea, in spite of failure of 2000 experiments. He never became disheartened but persevered to achieve his goal.

Once a young reporter asked him, “How it felt for failing so many times? ” His answer was, I never failed even for once. It just happened that invention of electric light bulb was a 2000 step process. Friends, when I am narrating other personalities life story, then why not me?Can I? We are in the business of steel fabrication since the year 1981.

Due to deteriorating volumes in business of fabrication, we had entered into new venture of manufacturing of steel security and fire doors in the year 2002. After seven years of hardship and perseverance for development and to give best quality product to customer, we had grown to the level of market leader. In this financial year our products market are very slump due to economic slowdown. In spite of the hurdles and difficulties we had exported few big orders of steel fire doors to rebuild Afghanistan.Swami Sukhobodhananda says, ‘when God closes one door, he always opens another door’. Now we can proudly say, our company is one of the leading manufacturers of steel fire doors in the world. So Friends, The moral of the real life story of the different personalities is that – Character cannot be developed without hard work and perseverance. We have to pass through many ordeals and sufferings, which will make us of sterner stuff.

This hardship will make our vision clear, our determination stronger and inspire us to attain our Goal.Each and every failure will teach us something and will become the stepping stone to reach at the Top. We must remember the old saying “Finest Steel has to pass through the Hottest Furnace. ” A Winner is not one who never fails, but Winner is one who never quits in spite of several Failures. And also note that in life, we have to pass through this way only once!! So friends, Let us Live Life to the fullest and give our extreme Best to the World. Let’s Live a Blissful Life. Let’s Live a Courageous Life. Let’s remain always on Top Of the World!! Thank You.


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