Personal Ethical Philosophy

Personal Ethical Philosophy In everyday work, nurses experience many ethical issues and they must stand up for their personal standards of what is right or wrong. Highly Important Values Helping Others I have 3 values that are highly important to me and they are to help others, honesty, and knowledge.

Helping others is what nursing is all about. Nurses assist patients by relieving or dampening their pain and helping carry out treatment plans to get them on the road to recovery. This passion to help others can be maintained by making everyday taking care of patients interesting and worthwhile.It can be evaluated by how often a nurse advocates for a patient’s rights, beliefs, or requests. Nurses help patients by serving as teachers and role models to patients and families.

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Health promotion and health education are explained in ways so that the patient and family can fully understand. Honesty Honesty is being able to tell someone what I really think and believe and getting the same thing in return. A person can maintain being honest by not thinking about the consequences of telling the truth. This can be evaluated by making sure the record is set straight when an error is made. KnowledgeBeing knowledgeable will come with comprehension gained through experience and studying in the nursing field.

Maintaining knowledge is basically impossible – there is always something more to learn and experience. The quote “You learn something new every day” holds true in this aspect. The foundation for quality care depends on recognition and utilization of knowledge about nursing actions that promote patient safety and positive outcomes. Evaluating knowledge can be as simple as testing a nurse to see if he or she knows how to properly do something. Least Important Values Wealth Wealth, power, and recognition are my 3 least important values.I don’t believe that making a lot of profits or gains will truly make me happy and satisfied. There’s more to life than materialistic things that can be bought.

I will make a decent amount of money with a nurse’s salary, but being wealthy can be maintained by not flaunting it. Evaluating wealth can be as simple as calculating the cost of all personal property. Power Power, or having authority over others (fellow nurses) is not what I want – I want to be part of a team and work together with other medical professionals. By continuing to be a part of a nursing team, I will maintain and can evaluate the power I have.Recognition Being publically recognized is not a goal in my nursing career. I do not know how I personally will gain public recognition. Questionnaire: 2| Help Society| Do something which contributes to improving the world we live in| 3| Help Others| Be directly included in helping other people, either individually or in small groups| 2| Work Ethics| Feeling satisfied from a job well done| 3| Enjoyment of Life| Enjoying life, having fun in life| 3| Honesty| Being able to tell people what I really think and believe; having them be honest with me| 2| Approval| Having other people like me| | Competition| Engage in activities which pit my abilities against others| 2| Make Decisions| Having the ability to decide in courses of action| 2| Respect| Having other people think highly of me and hold me in good esteem| 2| Leadership| Be in a position to influence the attitudes or opinions of others|3| Knowledge| Understanding gained through study and/or experience| 2| Work Mastery| Become an expert in whatever work I do| 2| Peace| Living in a peaceful, harmonious society and environment| 2| Creativity| Have the opportunity to create new things, ideas, products, works of art| 2| Freedom| Being able to do or say what I want.

3| Good Character| Knowing inside that I do the right, moral, and just thing| 2| Loyalty| Sticking with people who are close to and/or believe what I do| 2| Justice| Being fair and just and having others treat me fairly and justly| 1| Stability| Have a routine and duties that are largely predictable| 2| Safety| Be assured of being safe and free from harm| 1| Recognition| Be publically recognized| | Children| Having happy, healthy children| 2| Excitement| Experience a high degree of (or frequent) excitement| 3| Adventure| Have duties which require frequent risk-taking| 1| Power| Having authority over others| 2| Economic Security| Having enough money to buy whatever I want. |2| Leisure| Having time for hobbies, sports, other activities| 2| Inner Harmony| Being at peace with one’s self| 1| Wealth| Profit, gain, making a lot of money| | Trustworthiness| Having people trust me and being able to trust them| 2| Challenge| Do activities that use my physical and/or mental capabilities| 2| Independence| Be able to determine the nature of my day without significant direction from others| 2| Change and Variety| Varied, frequently changing responsibilities and settings| 2| Moral Fulfillment| Feel that whatever I do contributes to a set of moral standards that I feel are very important| 2| Community| Being a part of a close and supportive community| 2| Caring| Experiencing love and affection daily| | Health| Being free from disease or sickness, feeling good physically| 1| Religion/Spirituality| Doing what is right according to my religious and/or spiritual beliefs| 3| Family| Making sure my family members are healthy and safe| 3| Friendship| Having good, reliable, friends I can count on| | MY MOST ESSENTIAL VALUES 1. Help Others 2. Honesty 3.

Knowledge MY LEAST ESSENTIAL VALUES 1. Wealth 2. Power 3. Recognition



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