Personal Ethics Development Paper

Casey Norman Week 1 Personal Ethics Development Paper Individual Assignment Ethics in my opinion are something that everyone naturally acquires as one grows up in a certain environment; even then a person can make their own choices on how ethical they choose to be. To completely different lifestyles of people can mutually agree on what is ethically sound and what may not be a moral choice. Ethics are standards that a person’s behaviors are by how they may act when put into situations that allow them to exert them around everyone they are involved with in their everyday life.A more textbook definition of what ethics truly is are“The principles, norms, and standards of conduct governing an individual or organization” (Trevino & Nelson, 2007, p. 13); ethics form the basis for determining the correct action, or moral behavior, in a particular situation.

An individual’s personality is also based on their ethics and morals that they live by, which form the character, which is being trusting, respectful, responsible, fair and caring to others.This rounds a person as a whole and decides who they really are even if they don’t look it, it is always difficult to see what someone is really like until you notice what they really are like and not stereotype people based on physical traits and appearances alone. I have grown up in two completely different types of households, which I am amazed of how I seem to have the personal and professional ethics in my life from how my life was growing up.As a kid I was raised by my parents the first initial part of my childhood until mid-teenage years and then had lived with my grandparents the remaining years.

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My parents were never very strict when it came to having set rules, they would never allow me to behave badly, although I had much freedom to get away with things if I just knew not to tell them as I would definitely get in trouble. This is where my morals were not very good at the time since lying to my parents to be able to cause trouble was not very good.Of course I knew the obvious things of what were right and wrong to do, but as a young teen what was right and what was fun were two completely things. I chose to do things because I had not been told and shown how these actions make me look as an individual and to my family and to society. When I had gotten older I started to realize the choices I was making were not what rounding me out to the person that I wanted to be with the right morals, ethics and character to live by. Later in life living with my grandparents I had more conversations with them on what is ethical and what is not.Starting to realize this I had needed to analyze and find a moral and ethical system to live my life so that I know that I am making the right decision based on my ethics.

I had realized that the ethical system that I found myself living my life by is more of a duty-based ethical system. The duty-based ethical system is one that is a moral commitment that a person will act with a certain manner, and with clear opinion of what is right and wrong, which was determined collectively by my family and what had been shown by my grandparents.By living with my grandparents I we had spoken about how to present yourself to not be taken as an immature child, I was shown that I needed to earn my respect from others that I meet by how I act and treat everyone else, even though you may be younger and some people only see you as a child who does not know anything, by being polite and open minded to listen to everyone you will get the respect and acknowledgement that you want.As I have gotten older and am now living on my own I seem to have formed my revised version of what was being taught to me and how having the right manner and knowing what you believe is right and wrong base your own morals. I still believe that for the majority of my ethics are duty-based but there are many different systems that I also believe in when it becomes situational.For example as I mentioned I am more duty-based, as I act in a certain manner and have a clear knowing of what I consider right and wrong. Although, I have found that I also seem to have a Relativistic view of ethics as well.

I use my personal experiences from life to determine a form of judgment, which can vary the outcome depending on what is wrong in the situation. The effects that my ethics has on my performance in my workplace has benefited me much more than if I had not been so shy and closed in. perfect example of how my ethics and morals have benefited me in the workplace is actually a couple years after I had gotten hired on with the state.My ethics and morals had shown me that by being respectful and open to listening to co workers and also understanding their side and giving my opinion as an optional choice rather than pushing my thoughts on to people it had made me more of a people erson and easy to approach and ask for information, whether it be work related or non-work related.

My manager has noticed so much that is was one of the major compliments that I have gotten in my yearly review and also when I was offered for a promotion as an administrative specialist in the unit, which was mentioned by the section manager that my deciding factor was that I treat everyone with respect and never judge a poorly decided situation, only how it can be fixed in a positive way.Ethics are definitely needed in organizations to show customers that the company cares what is happening and will continue to strive to work to be better with not only the customers but to also be better with the organization and co-workers.References Trevino, L. K. , & Nelson, K. A.

(2007). Managing business ethics: Straight talk about how to do it right (4th ed. ). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

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